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  • swerd96 swerd96 Oct 9, 2002 11:13 AM Flag

    Inflating ONTC with air, again.

    You have too much personal knowledge of ONTC. I suspect you are a disgruntled, former employer...perhaps the former VP himself. I would be careful about the statements you make on this public message board. If you libel Mr. Doretti (or the BoD), you could be defending yourself against a defamation of character lawsuit in civil court. Now, be a good little boy and go find a job.

    <<ON began to exist in the past year after the previous VP was hired>>

    <<This is the ninth VP>>

    <<an experienced VP of 6 years with NVDM is replaced by another VP of 3.5 years>>

    <<CEO who has no knowledge of sales success even when he gets lucky>>

    <<Are you the CEO or one of his few brown-nosed employees?>>

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    • Swerd96,
      Read public statements, press interviews, press releases and go to investors meetings to hear company officials speak. It amazes me that everyone on this message board who recommends selling the stock based on accurate research is often accused to be an unhappy previous employee. How many of those are there? I wish I was the previous VP and made his money. Your own words "legal corporate blah blah" proved to the world that you're a current senior ONTC employee. I am willing to bet on that. You've uncovered your identity, that's another dumb thing you've done. SELL.

    • Max,

      <<This is the ninth VP>>

      Could you please provide a link? No, then how could you make such a statement, unless you have firsthand knowledge.

      <<CEO who has no knowledge of sales success>>

      How do you know this? Did you work in HR and read his resume, or did he mention this to you during a business meeting.

      <<Are you the CEO or one of his few brown-nosed employees?>>

      You obviously did not hit it off with Mr. Doretti (ie. your not willing to brown-nose)
      and he had you fired. So now you spend your days...waiting for the phone to ring...while you bash your former employer. I guess we're stuck with you until you find another job.

      By the way, MAX, which department did you work in? Are you willing to relocate? What is your starting salary? WHY DID YOU LEAVE YOUR FORMER EMPLOYER?

      Here's a listing of jobs in the Massachusetts area:

      Nice talking to ya,


    • OK, since every strong sell sentiment is coming by ex-VP (i was one a week ago or so) I have to ask you kindly not to give my title away. I think you're making to much fart air about nothing same as guy from IBEX. And, yes we disgruntled VP's have nothing better to do than posting here. ON will slump one day just as NVDM just as MRBA just as... Market is sinking, King Bush is dancing war dance, economy is bad! Strong sell season!