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  • grirn_reaper_corneth grirn_reaper_corneth Aug 27, 2005 10:24 AM Flag

    Pink Sheet Manipulation ?? Who Knows ..

    This Benefical Holding company raises my eyebrows.

    Any pink sheet company making press releases should be taken with a grain of salt.

    I dont give diet pills any credibility. Diet pills prey on the "lazy" "quick fix" "something for nothing" (wieght loss with no work) "gulible" portion of our society.

    See above link

    Take em down CVS

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    • your message sounds like the company line.
      "Cut payroll to make the gross profit look better. Ok, 3 months later, as a results of less satified customers, sales are less again, so me cup payroll again and again and again. How about putting your expense to work making the customer satisfied, creating new customer creating high sales. Of course this is only if you are concerned with the long picture. Increase productivity and make the customer smile is the name of the game if you want to grow long term. Of course upper management know this, so it must be a immediate cash flow problem. I hope the problem is solved soon and payroll hours go back to normal We have 4 work stations and 2 cashiers stations (with 3 drawers) in the pharmacy department, but only one pharmacist and one tech and one cashier. Sometimes, only the cashier and pharmacist. What are we doing spending money on all these work station.
      Fact is, we need to be using them as was stated at the take-over time. What about the fact of one pharmacist working from 8 to 8 (and skelton crew) filling 200 to over 300 scripts per day with no scheduled break all day unless you call stepping behind a rx shelf to hide from the customers (so they don't see you eatings as rules state)
      and cramming down a Met-Rx bar and some Power-Aid
      Guys, I really hope this works out for CVS, I have been pretty happy witn CVS until the last 3 or 4 weeks. Guess that is why I have not been messaging until very recently and why I have not accepted 2 other jobs offers. I'm haning in for now, but it doesn't look good from todays view.

    • Talking and replying to yourself now? So how much cvs stock do you own? eh zeus?

    • Nothing to worry about here. I would not give a second thought to all those unpaid invoices, massive payroll cuts, and lawsuit. No problem. Just keep buying.

    • Buy every pay period LOL

    • I am. So are you buying, selling, shorting or just plan old bashing???

    • I would not worry about it. You are right, it is nothing. Just forget I ever brought it up. Solid as a rock. Nothing to be concerned about here. You should keep buying.

    • I second the motion

    • How many times are you going to post same old crap..2 sides to every story...go on there message board and ask them why they can't get paid..Whats wrong with their product? Wait they don't have a message board...:)...give it up Zeus..
      CVS stock, solid as a rock!

      .......queen cheerleader

    • "Beneficial Holdings, Inc. (Other OTC:BFHJ.PK - News) commenced legal action against retailer CVS Pharmacy, Inc. (NYSE:CVS - News) as well as its product broker Contemporary Marketing Inc. after months of attempting to collect payment for product Beneficial manufactured and shipped to CVS in response to CVS purchase orders."

      CVS ordered the merchandise.

      Beneficial shipped the merchandise.

      Invoices go unpaid for months.

      Kind of scary.

      • 1 Reply to queenbfan2oo3
      • What is really scary is how you have all this time to dwell over this one measly instance of this happening. We for one do not know all the background info on this issue to keep going into it at the level it is being done. The other aspect is trying to compare this with what happened to Phar-Mor. I worked there (phar-mor) 10 years and stayed right up until the last day of my store. I can say for 100% from experience there are NO SIGNS of CVS going down that road.

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