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  • Kanuk_PQ Kanuk_PQ Mar 8, 2008 1:02 PM Flag

    I like CVS Comp. and this board

    quite a difference with WalRed board where you have pumpers like Bana_drug and Basher_Defector posting all year round pumping WalRed on which they have lost money for & YEARS and they pretend to be wise and smart investors, HA HA HA HA HA, ROTFLMAO

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    • CVS doing extremly well again today compare to others.

    • Check it out for yourself azz-hole it don't work. Will tell you who I really am when I feel like it, IF I ever want to.

    • To prove your stupidity I got an alias to see if I could give myself stars.We will see.

    • Yup. Absolutely certain. Read his posts on the WAG site which commenced with pro-big-box commentary, then denigrated into childish paroxysms of "hahahahahaha" and attacks on anyone disagreeing with his, or his alter ego's views, like suxxx_2_b_u and countless others.

      He is knowledgeable. He's not the Village Idiot, like basher.detector/ivan_paduski. He's more like the County Idiot because he influences more board readers with incorrect but logical-sounding conclusions.

      I'll not harrass you CVS'ers any more. You deal with these mongrels. I put all of them on "ignore" and only vierw their "crap" when I forget to sign in before visiting the Yahoo boards.



    • thanks for your support and giving 5 stars rating.

    • How exactly do you explain the fact that I am SHORT CVS and Yank likes it if we are one and the same? I have also stated that I see WAG outperforming CVS in 2008... How can 2 people with polar opinions of these 2 stocks be the same person?

      Your hatred of yank has blinded you... you are seeing him behind every tree...

    • Bananarug4,
      We CVS stockholders usually read both boards and are well aware of what a moron Yank is on the Wag board and how he is the identical twin of Anal_yst on the CVS board. He is fooling no one and is the object of derision, ridicule and laughter, posting under any and all of his IDs, on both the CVS board and the Wag board.

      I have seen the lengthy list of IDs that Anal_yst uses on the Wag board as Yank_whatever and I have compiled the list he uses on the CVS board and some of them do overlap. He is a cancer, like I said before and needs to be removed ASAP! Here is the current list of what we have to put up with over here:

      Anal_yst #ZERO
      Dunce #1=bcsurfclub
      Dunce #2=dilbert_is_right
      Dunce #3=legalize_shemp

    • Are you sure that cmxsux belongs with the rest of that crowd? He seems to be knowledgable and not really pro or con CVS?

    • nocturnal_bison nocturnal_bison Mar 16, 2008 12:32 PM Flag

      Please leave this board, no one cares about your pis$ing wars with Yank.

    • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 16, 2008 11:48 AM Flag

      I am surely not you. The WAG pumping elite of bananarug/cmxsux and basher.detector/ivan_paduski/flush_the_toilet (et al) chose to attempt to pillary me on the CVS board for whatever stupid reason which, meaning "stupidity," is the only thing they ever contribute to any dialog.

      They are doing to the CVS board exactly what they accomplished on the WAG board and attempted to pull off on the LDG board. Twisting "quotes" from posters with alternative viewpoints, multi-starring their own messages and single starring dissenters.

      This cabal has an ultimately pernicious effect on any reasonable discussion on any message board they attempt to pollute. What worked on the Long's board is when all the usual posters put them on ignore and the shenanigans eventually ended. Since they are so starved for attention, they next migrated to the CVS board and are playing the same juvenile games, here.

      Want proof? Look at their messages, all 5 stars, and mine, mostly all single starred. Just like the dissenters on this board are mostly single starred, as well.

      Good luck. remember that one of the most effective treatments for most cancers is to cut it out.



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