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  • cmc587 cmc587 Apr 3, 2008 1:34 PM Flag

    Stockmann241: You do whatever you wish! No problem here-

    You have admitted that you are a pumper and a cheerleader. Last I looked, neither were illegal. I have no problem with what you "do." I do find it distracting that so much "Board space" is taken up by personal warfare because those people who are not in that war, nevertheless, become victims of it. Works like this; I try to read most posts and some of yours do try to convey what you call information. So, I open about 15 of your messages and then about another 20-30 retorts. SAD! Still, I would rather read pumper/cheerleaders that are trying to be "happy about" CVS than ugly words of contempt. SADDER! You seem to be a "happy person" and that is great. Go for it- but, please, think carefully about posts like "shorts/bashers get caught with............" this is where the verbal battle starts (or continues)-who knows who fired the first shot! I can tell if CVS is up or down by the names of posters! What is interesting, however, is that the pumper/cheerleaders should be "all over this Board" when CVS is sinking to see if someone knows "what's up." But, no, I find packs of GLOATERS (like yesterday) not even factually supporting their short positions; just "ripping" you. Then, the pattern reverses.
    In essence, this Board is turned inside out and it becomes a venting-tabloid rather than an informational one.
    Lastly, IMHO copying/pasting an article that appears on the Yahoo News Board right underneath the quote is NOT providing information. We should be using this Board to collectively understand and exchange personally obtained factual information that is not otherwise available. Look at the exchanges several of us have had regarding the AT&T and Fed contracts, the ppo issues, understanding the impact of the Blue/WAG deal; looking at the integration of MHS into an HMO versus the CVS/CMS model. I do not like his moniker (cmxsux) but that dude has a plethora of valuable data. If cmxsux tells us that San Antonio is sending out pink slips, I would start "sniffing out" the AT&T issue....FAST! If chartist futureok6 tells us to look at a parabolic consolidation, I look for "why." This is useful information/newsworthy. At least two of us knew that the Texas deal was about to happen a few days before the announcement-merely because of the breathe of internal information available. Just look at your posts after the "Texas" win. Your posts did no more than announce what the Yahoo news had earlier carried. This is not NEWS! But you spent endless posting "informing us" about getting this "hit" but the real newsworthy data came when a poster said it was a "net-net-net take away." THIS IS IMPORTANT! Well, Stockmann241, AT&T is still out there. It is VERY IMPORTANT to CVS! MHS is now well geared up in certain specialty areas that CMX once "owned." The state-of-the-art new MHS facility is about to open if it has not already. UNH will be "gone to MHS" and high productivity is critical when openning that facility. So, wanna start watching out for a net-net-netter from MHS on AT&T. This is what hurts margins! THIS IS NEWS/INFORMATION WORTHY! You have written a nice note and I have taken this opportunity to fully reply. Again, you do what you wish. No gripes from me. I wish you well. I detest the nasty retorts to you. But, my friend, I am certain your antagonists say: "what comes around..." As the Good Book says, there is really nothing new under the sun. Best to you in whatever course you choose. craig

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    • I respect what you say and your right to post it. I understand your position and will give alittle more thought to posts. The one thing kind of bothers me just a little were the comments about the Texas contract. This was not posted on the yahoo message boards at all and no one ever said one thing about this contract before the announcement. I think this information was very important to the board.
      This contract is significant because of the shear size of the contract as well as it is a four year deal. We always see when CVs has had an issue in the contract area, but no one is posting anything about the wins. This information can be difficult to find and who knows, maybe, just maybe, someone who is reading these posts might like to see it, without looking at a hundred differant publications. Some people are very new to investing and dont have the time. I thought my posts were of interest. Did I pump it for all it is worth... YES... I was very happy about it!
      I know you won't really love this statement, but I like to root for a company that I own stock in. I don't see anything wrong with that.
      I also see posts from people who own nothing and just have an issue with the company, either personal or for other reasons.
      Dont ever forget the CVS is just three letters, The company is actually made up of thousands of employees that work hard everyday and thousands of investors that put hard earned money into this.
      So, when you bash, post incorrect information, you aren't hurting the letters C V S. You are hurting actual people. people who's families may actually depend on this stock.
      Thanks for the reply.

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