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  • montana0583 montana0583 Apr 16, 2008 11:05 PM Flag

    Big Bucks a comin'

    just wait....and where is everybody?? Queen, Stockmann, Basher???Any input?

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    • Montana,
      My Posts are either coming to an end or going to be a lot father a part.
      Anyways, Family health issues are taking up much time.
      I wish I had the time to do the proper research to back your claim that "BIG BUCKS A COMIN" cause I think you are right!
      I am hearing so many good things from my friends that work for CVS.
      Anyways, Just to talk about the things we all know currently, Since that last Earnings conference call, CVS has had nothing but positive news which should be great for the next call on May 1st.
      All the news about lost contracts in 2007 is gone, old news! They gave numbers based upon the information that had at the time which included any lost contracts, but did NOT include all the recent activity.
      This means that as wonderful as the last call was, this next one is going to be even better!
      Please also remember that this quarter will have an extra day of sales, an early Easter as well. Then take a look at what else has happened.
      ATT not only re-signs with CVS, it gets even better, they include all the rest of the company and includes millions of dollars of extra business! Then also get the Texas contract from Medco, again, More millions upon Millions. Then, the Bank of america information... Wow!
      Exciting times and all news that was not available on the last earnings call!
      This is just some of the good news, You may also get some exciting news on the Minute Clinic front, Extra care home runs and even retail news that may add more earnings fuel to the fire. This is only the beginning and this stock has to trade at the same P/E's that the other PBM's sell for, That puts the stock into the 50's at least!
      Do your homework, go back and listen to that conference call very closely, listen to what TR said on that television interview on CNBC. CVS/Caremark is working and 2008 is the time for the stock to grow.
      Good luck to everyone, Even the stockman, Montana and now analist clones... You all are too much!
      To quote the fake stockman, " My Mommy says CVS is going up, cause she is gettin all her pills at that there CVS'
      Too Funny, Please remember Anal that we these boards do not change the stock price and that CVS will continue to go up, no matter what you post or how many times... Best of luck to Montana, QueenB, Future, Walloworry, and all the people who have the facts... Anal... Have a good one... Just think how much cash you could have made! And will you finally answer Wall? We want to hear what you think! CMX and CMC, great stuff, Really not quite sure where ya'll really sit, but good info.
      GO CVS!

    • Several of us have been watching the MHS/Fed implementation to see if there is going to be a large post-transition final accounting rather than to await protracted-receipt payments and related paper nightmares. However, we have been told "NO." Please do not think this is "bad." Neither one is! It is just a timing of revenue issue.
      We know it cannot be institutional at this moment in time and "foreign investment" due to the dollar devaluation are not possible. I know of nothing other than the one ESRX contract that, I hear, CVS/CMX "does not even want due to transition and lack of synegries." (the last ESRX report from analyst concurs that it is just a dollar-turning matter that excludes the bulk from ESRX' balance sheet.
      I recall once or twice before you said that these comments are just "pumping" based up "something that you FEEL rather than KNOW will happen." Please, my friend, I am not discounting nor diparaging what you say. It is just that there are several of us that really track this company from a factual/actual standpoint.
      Thank you, craig

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