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  • cmc587 cmc587 May 8, 2010 9:29 AM Flag

    Hey banana-bet that you can...

    WAG plan is store uniformity for efficiency. Of the several hundred DRs in NYC, are you aware of even 2 the same? Ditto for scripts in store. One very good thing is that mail order is least impacting in NYC. Consensus has been that DR is out of control...worse yet, that storge configurations and lease arrangements are the 2 leading components in causing DR to be out of control. CVS now needs only to watch WAG make very costly restructures of leasing deals and remodels, then rent strategically situated nearbys without any tangential costs OR DEBT ASSUMPTIONS. WAG made big boo-boo IMHO.

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    • Okay, so you actually believe WAG bought the DR stores not knowing their size and how they were going to integrate them? Seriously, are you that naive?

      Here is what they did to the Eaton near me. They emptied the store of all its shelving and products. Then put in their own shelving, their own products and changed the signe to "Eaton Apothecary" a Walgreen Company. How long did it take? One Saturday. I drove by in the morning when they were taking everything out. By the evening, it was all set up.

      The store is not more 2500 sq ft. It is functioning perfectly fine. There is no parking lot. There is on street parking only. However, people in the area can WALK their easily.

      You are hung up on the fact that WAG cannot function if all their stores are the same. You are wrong.

      What I think you are not seeing is that WAG is going after the stores that Walmart was allegedly targeting and CVS is not even thinking about, the smaller neighborhood stores. Eaton, Happy Harry's and Eaton. Think about the market share they just picked up. Does it mean they will keep all the DR stores open? I am not sure, but every acquisition of this type does have some closings.

      Personally, I think it is an agressive move by WAG to get into the smaller footprint. You obviously do not have a basic business acumen.

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