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  • cmc587 cmc587 May 19, 2010 10:27 AM Flag

    Focus on RS and support levels as both

    continue to erode but, strangely, on normal volume. Of course, this brings to the fore Cramer's(?), et als "floodgate" theory (i.e., that when a stock's support levels and relative strength continue to erode on normal volume and it underperforms both its sector and the indices, there is a sale of a position by a large "holder" that may then trigger a "positional dump" by others (in volume) shortly thereafter.) There are large sell blocks being placed out (not "puts") but reduced or removed during trading. This is occuring. My best guess is that there is some type of "bet hedging" pending some type of important announcement. Volume is too light to signal change in company fundamentals but the retirement of CEO Ryan that followed the resignation of the President of Caremark that precede the resignation of several key CMX execs that followed the departure of Crawford could be a "spooker." Basher- the "market" (locational) overlaps with RAD could prevent any wholesale acquisition. CVS and RAD once divided Eckerds to a great extent and to reacquire that which was passed seems to make no sense to me. RAD does have some "nice" metropolitan NY/Phila market share but overall...I just do not see it. However, a move to establish "mini Walmarts" makes for interesting thoughts vis a vie a RAD-WMT deal. As for CVS, be glad you sold when you did because CVS is now "lower eschalon" in sector performance 2010 after closing 2009 as one of the worst performing "Big Caps." Thankfully, WAG has bitten off a big one in Duane Reade and this will keep CVS' major retail competitor busy for a while. I suspect CVS and MHS have competing bids outstanding for 2-3 major accounts and this could be a reason for CVS' poor and MHS' flat performance. Remember, neither had impressive quarterlys. I was advised that CVS has underperformed all relevant indices so far in 2010 and, of late, that situation is worsening. But the "advisor also suspected a soon-to-occur buying opportunity. I do not see $31 absent another big loss of PBM business in which there is a shakening of those who are "on-the-fence" regarding the CVS/CMX model. Do you (futureok or anyone) have any information regarding the buy-back numbers? As for an exchange of info (in reciprocation) I think a short on Morgan-Stanley and a look at GFIG under $5 might be worthy. Looks like our "number" has dwindled but good to see futureok back. Blessings to all, craig

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