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  • cmc587 cmc587 Nov 2, 2010 8:28 AM Flag

    MHS suggests even more take aways from Caremark

    "earnings up. 10.8% onnew business..." This could be another "ouch" as CVS spiriles down daily on above average volume and a continuum of bad news such as: warning, layoffs, economy-pinching, MHS take away and reducing targets. CVS has been counter-market for some time now (15%) and underperforming an already weak healthcare sector. Insiderbuy release of PL occurred in August and CVS has named new PBM day-to-day head. IMHO, hedge your bet longtermers and hope for a slight lift as overall healthcare can rise on election results. I also believe in not ripping pumpers or pounders but asking that they, too, be respectful. Bullmarket has been pumping CVS since his Stockmann-Montana days and has more IDs than a comic book spy. Clone, there is no need for rudeness-ever. And I have no pulpit rights. Go CVS. Prove 'em cheer amidst a sea of bad news and results.

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    • I AGREE-yupper; but I did suggest caution for the reasons below. I actually saw some margin analyses charts (AET, Fed/BCBS and calPERS) and the margins are a bit spooky (especially Aetna) absent "below the line" cuts (like recent closing of a facility and layoffs). MHS has made a habit of "rubbing CVS' nose" in the take aways via conference calls. Be not so quick to anticipate a straight ride up as Merlo has promised to advise on "margins" during the next cc. As that cc approaches, watch the short interest and put/calls. I completely agree that PL did what he had to do in order to keep CMX viable. Too bad calPERS can't hook up with MHS or I could have seen CVS dealing CMX down the road. As for your comment, I quoted Snow who, as I said, made a habit of dropping hints that MHS had taken away more business from CVS/CMX, often in an effort to get even more "wins." He is a "fox in the hen coup" and it cost him calPERS! That is also why I suggested "caution." Be well. craig

    • I bet you wish you could take this statement back huh?

      I am just saying

    • "earnings up. 10.8% onnew business..."

      How do you know that they did not get the new business Express Scripts?

      "Bullmarket has been pumping CVS since his Stockmann-Montana days"

      He was actually here way before me and unlike most I make my id's known. A couple of little facts you fail to mention

      Don't be a trouble maker cmc587.

      Good Luck

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