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  • rainyday2999 rainyday2999 Nov 9, 2010 8:09 AM Flag

    RPH Union Benefits

    $3 raise every 6 months. $5000 annual retention bonus. $10,000 annual no strike clause. As many techs as you want.

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    • “As for unions. He said they are not even on the radar from a corporate perspective. A non issue. A joke.”
      Joke you say. That is the final straw. I will be on a hunger strike until all of my demands have been met, or until dinner, whichever comes 1st. No pharmacist at this site for any meaningful dialogue as it relates to the profession of pharmacy!

    • Got it


      Good Luck

    • Thanks bananarug7

      That's was an unbiased post I believe that you were posting the 'whole story' as it was told to you

      The only thing I will add is coments from customers at Beauty 360 at the Foster City, CA store

      Good Luck

    • Some interesting tid bits I picked up over the weekend speaking with a district supervisor for CVS.

      January budgeting is making him nervous. They already have made cutback in hours for tech hours and store clerks and he thinks there will be some more. I told him this is inline with all the others (WAG, RAD, etc) and he agreed.

      The 300 layoffs at corporate was literally the trimming of the fat. He said most of it came from the comsmetics side. They had Managers managing managers managing managers. They did not need three levels of supervisors so they let them go. He said he was disappointed that CVS did not allow some of these employees to fill other openings in the company. The laid off employees were told they can apply for an open position just like anyone else. Seems to me they just removed some dead weight. Sorry to those that lost their jobs but business is business.

      Beauty 360 is a doing nothing noteworthy at this time and he had heard no plans for future openings in this area.

      They are consolidating districts. Come next year, for example, they will take three districts and combine them in to two. Or four into three.

      As for unions. He said they are not even on the radar from a corporate perspective. A non issue. A joke. He is a pharmacist, obviously, and he said there is no support for a union whatesoever from the pharmacists in this area.

      Anyway, it seems CVS is just going with the economy and trying to do what is necessary to hit the numbers and make themselves a leaner organization. Pretty much what most other companies are doing.

    • Fist of all we agree that CVS is retail powerhouse and it has been a FACT that up until this point CVS's retail has been able to sustain losses from it's weakest link (CMX).

      Those ARE FACTS to which I have posted for over 2 years and are undeniable. I also have never claimed that CVS retail would be able to 'carry' CMX forever. There comes a time when CMX needs to step up to the plate and some think that this contract with Aetna puts them in the batters box.

      Good Luck

    • Long time poster and go back as far as RAD selling off PCS that became ADVP that became CMX that ultimately became CVS. RAD failed miserably with attempts to concurrently run retail operation and a PBM. The result was that a well positioned PBM was failing. Once RAD sold PCS, which became ADVP , the latter quickly lead the industryuntil MHS was a completed independent from Merck. I so not think anyone but a select few know how many billions in contracts CMX lost post merger OR WILL LOSE over the next few selling seasons. Give CVS management a bigbravo for efforts in trying to recreate CMX so that it does not continue to be MHS' whipping boy. Absent shaving already thin margins, CMX cannot compete with MHS. Crawford seized the day and found a window of opportunity that existed because of the MHS-merck spin off. When the dust settled, CVS stood no chance. calPERS proved it! So, a sandbagged CVSmoved forward with statements that suggested earnings would "meet/beat" regardless of these losses. But this was done primarily by cutting margins to keep contracts and cutting costs-like pharmacists. So, I sadly agree that a union will help you while it hurts the CVS shareholders. I disagree and won't pick on Bullmarket for cheerleading. It is his right. Clone has picked on me, too, for being the "blind optimist." it is her right. But bullmarket is TOTALLY clueless when he pumps by saying CVS is a retail powerhouse that can sustain spending more than $30 billion dollars to have the opportunity to lose billions more AND THAT DOING IT WON'T HURT RETAIL. And bullmarket ASSUMES a PBM and RETAIL PHARM are compatible. Others have tried and quit or or failed. So, know this as MHO: as a stockholder, a union will hurt us. Not so if you are an INVALUABLE pharmacist. Be well, craig

    • Will you PLEASE sober up


      Good Luck

    • Ignoring me?

      I win.

      You lose.

      Let's see what gives first, you or my "creations".

      You'll be clicking people on ignore that aren't me.

      What I wanted you to do is ignore everyone in the first place.


    • Or you can go work for Walgreens, RiteAid, Target or Walmart

      Have fun

      Good Luck

    • Three times 401k match and CVS will pay for union dues. They want their pharmacist to be happy, don't they?

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      • Plus, you get all the groceries you can fit in a shopping cart for 1 dollar.

        Free pizza delivery for life from any restaurant on earth, even all the way from Italy.

        You NEVER have to pay one penny of union dues.

        Your take-home pay will DOUBLE in the first 2 weeks.

        You can come to work naked.

        You get your own private secretary.

        Free tickets to all major sporting events.

        3 boxes of kleenex.

        A special Union Decoder Ring.

        Automatic entry into The Rube of the Month drawing for a quilt.

        Live rent-free and mortgage-free for the rest of your life.

        2 Round-trip tickets to Squamous, Wisconsin.

        A box.

        Membership into "Got Me a Union Card" club, with all the privileges that entails.

        Amnesty from all major felonies.

        86 vacation days per year.

        AND MORE.................

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