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  • stockbuffet1 stockbuffet1 Mar 19, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    question for you cmc587 from a short

    First.. Longs - please don't berate me for being short. You are long. I am short. We are simply on opposite sides of a trade. It does not make the other person a bad person. We both are trying to make money.

    Are you short? I am short since about $50.50. Obviously getting killed. lol.
    Does anyone know how much of the $4.5 billion buy back has been used up so far?

    In hind sight, obviously, I made the wrong move. I am hoping that a market correction would help me recover. A market correction expected by most but clearly elusive.

    I shorted this for a "quick buck" but my bad luck - its going the wrong way.

    I also agree that WAG is the "fair haired one". As a consumer, I like WAG and have almost never have shopped CVS - not by intention but I just seem to prefer the location and the appearance of Walgreens.

    Anyway, as I watch CVS charts real time - I can see someone't intent to boost this stock up. For example, in the final 3 minutes, there would be a lot of buying activity - to raise the stock. I am guessing that its the part of the $4.5 billion buy back that is funding this boost. Mutual funds and hedge funds may not have such inherent interest to keep spending money every day, just to keep the stock up.

    Over the past few weeks, the volume has been much below average - except last friday - much above average and this week also is about average..

    As I watch the stock on a daily basis, I feel that I am sensing some "active attempt" to boost the stock.
    Just thinking out loud.. who else is making an active attempt to keep this stock up?

    I am not suggesting that CVS is a bad company.. I am only trying to make a buck or two, with its drop. There is no way I can say that CVS is worth either $47 or $57. My "hope" is that it would have a dip, because it has already gone up so much.. So far, I am wrong, of course.. lol..

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Did you cover yet stockbuffet1?

    • Did you guys cover yet?

    • CVS owns Caremark (CMX)

      Caremark was once a $60 stock when it had to compete against both Express and Medco

      Now it's just Express

      You are not just betting against CVS you are also betting against CMX also.

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      • I am worried/afraid that you might be right! lol. Hey.. I try to be realistic. Its possible that CVS might be worth $60.. or not.. I don't know..

        But here is what I see.. because I have been watching the daily charts for a few weeks.

        I see a concious attempt by "someone" to keep this stock up. Someone with lots of money. So, my suspicion is - that it is the $4.5 billion buy back, which is doing that.

        Many complain about "stock manipulation". I am not complaining about it. It is a part of wall street trading. It is not wrong for those people to try to spend money and take the stock up. My interest is to only figure out who is doing it and if and when they might run out of money.. $4.5 billion sure is a lot of money!

        Today, WAG proved its worth.. stock is up. RAD is down slightly. This business is not a "sexy business". Is it the "in" sector for now? I don't know..

        what I find interesting is - for example.. if the bid is $54.20 and ask is $54.21 - on occasion, I have seen transactions at $54.23, .24 etc.. above the ask.. you have to see it to understand it.. someone with a lot of money is supporting this stock. Good news for longs and bad news for me..

        I am only trying to figure out.. who that might be.. as I wrote earlier, I am guessing that it is the company's buy back program..

        I would be interested to hear from other shorts.. (my bad - not too much short interest - hey, I screwed up shorting this.. but I got to get out without losing my shirt.. lol)..

    • The problem with cmc587 is that he was here at $23 and did not buy

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