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  • ronsher ronsher Dec 7, 1997 1:09 PM Flag

    This is a great company that seems to ha

    Cvs has had temendous growth this year , including the acquision of Revco stores. New stores are popping up everywhere and they have continually seen growth in sales every quarter. The stock price has nearly doubled in the last year. The volume is genally small which leads me to believe that many just don't know about what a great stock this is . A. G. Edwards has recently taken Cvs as their main holding. Keep up the good work!

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    • I believe that CVS is a solid and well managed company and I feel confident that its stock shares will reach $60 in the near future. Yes, it is growing in sales and outlets.

    • I agree..Revco was the best and CVS
      has carried on that tradition well..
      CVS just fell right in and has lower
      prices than Eckerd or Rite Aid

    • Cvs acquired revco in Julyish- was approx. 1 for 1 for revco stockholders.Since this acq.cvs has been steadily moving upward (with a few burps along the way)but it has not split....

    • they issued a second offering in the late summer..i forgot exactly when..i think in late july early august....they set second offering at 54 per share...cvs reached as high as 70....definetly a buy

    • I got in at $60....

      It's one of those cases where I waited after the Oct crash when (i think) stock was around $ we all know, investors had about 3 hours of bargain hunting after the crash -- cvs was back up in a flash. yet another one of life's squandered opportunities!

      Has this stock ever split?

    • I agree. The fundamental business is excellent. I spend far too much $$$ at this store; it's easy --and pleasurable -- to drop $50-$100 at CVS. When I started looking at this stock I did an informal poll of coworkers -- do you like going to CVS? How
      often do you go? Do you use other drug/health-beauty stores? The men were like the store well enough, but the women's response was dramatic. 8 of 9 women all said they enter CVS, and start combing every single aisle. They go in with a list, and buy magnitudes more products than expected. THey examine all sorts of products, look at the sale items, and go to CVS at least once a week. They keep a CVS list, and a good store visit lasts 30-60 minutes. The one female who did not have this habit
      prefers small, family-owned pharmacy businesses -- which is a dying breed of drugstore....I wish I bought this in October -- grrrrr! am waiting for the next buying opportunity....

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