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  • BCMONEY1 BCMONEY1 Apr 6, 1998 11:21 PM Flag

    Nashville area Rph shortage??

    Has anyone above the D.M. level of management wondered about the
    sudden shortage of Pharmacists in the Nashville-Knoxville area??
    Workloads are terrible everywhere but no coverage for vacations,
    no premium pay for overtime, pay for actual milage reduced, and a
    take-it or leave-it attitude may well some of the possible
    answers! Any suggestions for those of us trying to provide the
    service our customers deserve??

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    • It is not just Nashville/Knoxville, it is also Chattanooga. I know that a store manager was asked how things were going &
      replied that things would be going a lot better if his store were open more. He proceeded to tell a Region Manager that his store
      had been closed frequently due to a lack of pharmacists. He acted like he had not heard of that happening before. He said that
      he would talk to the supervisor to see what his plan of action was, but the rx supervisor seems to be "laying low" since this
      incident! I don't think the corporate folks in Woonsocket know about it. So far CVS has been good, but who really least
      that is how I feel since I am a former Big B, former Revco, CVS employee!

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      • CVS needs to fire all revco regional managers, these guys
        only know how to manage a company that is going out of
        business or that is for sale...(cut inventories to bone,run stores
        with minimum amount of help regardless of long lines,
        disregard customer complaints,)..anything to make the bottom
        line look good for a bonus....they need to try something they
        have never tried....staff their stores ,put people on cash
        regesters, hire more pharmacists according to the work load
        and INCREASE SALES ...IF CVS is in this thing to make
        money they need to get rid of these guys that don't understand
        how to play a long term profitable game.....

    • as a former revco employee now with cvs i find the same old
      B.S..The stores are managed by kids picked up off the street,
      the regional boys don't give a damn about customer service,
      all they are interested in is their bonus,stores are running with
      1 cash regester at the pharmacy, 2 hour waits for rx's,1
      pharmacist per shift filling 200 rxs in a 6 hours shift, the
      regional boys dont want any communication from store level
      to headquarters..

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      • Sounds familiar! I talked to stores in ohio and Tn today and
        most feel the same as us. Morale in very low and several Rphs
        have made other deals and are preparing to jump ship with pay
        raises with same or better benefits. Beats me how the company
        can fool the public much longer or expect them to suffer the loss
        of customer service and keep the sales up. Do any states have
        workload guidelines in force or is it going to take a major
        miss-fill to get the financial attention of the powers to be?
        Can you be forced to attend meetings on off-days without pay??
        Can time-cards of hourly employees be tampered with? What do
        you see in your store?

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