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  • calvetti97 calvetti97 May 11, 1998 7:34 PM Flag


    Where did this information come?

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    • AS a cvs employee most of the complaining i"m
      hearing is
      coming from customers !!! But nobody wants
      to acknowledge
      this fact !!!! AND if these
      complaints are not addressed
      you will be able to do your
      job a lot easier BUT YOU WILL

    • if we as employees of this company don't stop the
      complaining and don't do the job we will all find out what
      pain is.we will decide if this is to be the best drug
      chain or if we will be 2nd best.turn your negative
      energy into positive effort are we are all doomed.

    • What pain, the stock just split 2 to 1. Can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I'm tried of all you short term thinkers!

    • Everyone that's bitter please raise your hands !
      Please don't be shy , post a message .

    • gcassar,

      The CVS Exec's are not stupid or
      unethical and the Board of Directors, including Mr.
      Applebaum, would be sued and put in jail if they reported
      "over inflated" storeis or numbers. I thinks it's
      profit taking driving down the price. Remember, CVS'
      stock price increased 55% last year, it had to take a
      breather, it will come back. It just gets better,
      especially with the addition of Arbor.

    • This stock just doesn't make any sense. They come
      out with great earning reports, announce the split,
      more good news and the stock reacts by climbing a bit
      and then falling just as fast. Is it true that all
      the news and stories are over-inflated by corporate
      just to make the company look like it is doing well
      but in actuality it is not?

    • please dont sell, if we are in for the long run
      let stock climb, split higher and it will climb with
      the rest of the market. cvs is ok! dont you people
      from the "old stock" get bumed out. cvs will go, dont
      dump and run

    • This is my first posting on this thread and I
      wanted to say "howdy". I was a very happy shareholder in
      ARBR for many years and traded ARBR sucessfully at
      least 20 times in the last yrar. Alas, ARBR is no more.
      I have a few siblings that are pharmacists at ARBR
      drugstores, and can truely say that their stores are squeaky
      clean, do good business, and on just about every corner
      in my Detroit suburban neighborhood. I have watched
      CVS trade since early January when word leaked out on
      a possible acquisition, and finally jumped in today
      for 1000 shares @ 67.1875. If there is any info on
      ARBOR DRUGS that I can provide, I would be happy to.

      • 1 Reply to Taz1mo_98
      • I recently received from CVS a request for my
        vote regarding the issuance of from 300 to one billion
        additional shares of common stock. One of the rationale
        statements for this proposal, which will be voted on
        tomorrow May 13th, was that with these shares if the board
        were to determine a stock split was necessary they
        could do so without the additional expense of solicting
        proxies and holding special meeings of stockholders. In
        the past I have worked for a number of years for CVS
        as a district sales manager - believe me this is an
        etremely efficient and well managed company - they will
        continue to grow - the stock will soon split and reward
        those who are patient and wise investors.

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