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  • byorsell byorsell Apr 6, 1999 11:25 AM Flag

    I'm back to tell you I told you so.....

    Don't fight the trend...the tape tells it all.
    Back at $50 all the selling was done in large blocks
    and the buying in small....this is an overpriced pig
    that may fall another $5-$8.

    You be the judge.

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    • If you do go work for Walgreens, (one 'l'),
      please do your smoking out back, where less customers
      will see you. As a shareholder, I feel that employees
      smoking in front of the stores creates a rather degrading

    • Ive heard that region two is a nice area to work.
      Can you smoke there? I'm looking for another
      situation so I dont have to worry about the smoking rules.
      Ive heard Wallgreens is a good company to work for.
      Does anybody have any ideas about this?

    • You are full of Bull!!!
      If you are
      disgruntled, then move on and be a cashier somewhere
      Region 2 is well run and the rsm and dsm's listen and
      respond accordingly.
      If you have a gripe, talk to your
      manager, etc..
      Keep your complaining off this board!
      This board was not intended to be a "bitch"
      illsaythis- region 2 is one of the best run regions in the

    • wait and see about the employee surveys cvs just
      conducted and you will see many reasons why so many
      crewmembers from managers to cashiers are not happy in region's not just about smoking...i haven't seen any
      written policy regarding smoking in region 2...thats
      because there isn't any...

    • i'm sorry my griping offended you but in response to your advice
      The managers are half the problem and have benn talked to nothings changed

    • Wag has larger stores and makes more profit in
      insurance reimbertsments. also, wag has the 3rd largest Rx
      mail-order company in the nation--if a patients rx is late,
      the patient can easily go to any wag and get the
      Rx.But the biggest difference is that Wag has no debt! I
      believe CVS has to pay about 90million dollars in
      interest alone per year! Hint: Wag is looking to build a
      total of 10,000 stores by year 2010( soon to be a new
      motto). That means that CVS has to build 20,000 stores to
      equal the earnings and they have to get rid of their
      debt. Keep most of your money in Wag, it is a sure bet
      ( and I do not gamble).Look at this way: the shares
      that you buy now will be for 5000 more very profitable
      stores in the very near future. Wow, what will your
      shares be then?

    • Maybe true, but CVS HAS to build twice as many to
      compete with wag in earnings. Right now wag is opening
      1.2 stores per day. Cash, no loans, no debt. also,
      the company has allocated enough money to pay for the
      3000 more store they are going to build.(read: they
      are paid for already and in the bag--why investors do
      not jump on this, I have no idea). Wag likes to crawl
      then walk then run.

    • Who is Colleen? Dont know anyone in my store by that name.By the way, I'm still trying to quit, but no luck so far.

    • CVS' policy of no smoking in backrooms, etc
      shouldn't be recinded. Most recent research has concluded
      that second-hand smoke is particularly harmful because
      of the way tobacco burns. Second-hand smoke contains
      twice as much tar and nicotine per unit volume as does
      smoke inhaled from a cigarette. SECOND HAND SMOKE ALSO
      Oh, I forgot to mention that second-hand smoke is the
      third-leading cause of preventable death in this country.

    • CVS has about 1400 more stores than Walgreens,
      not 1800 (4100 CVS, 2700 WAG). WAG's sales are higher
      because the stores are bigger on average than CVS stores,
      which means more front stores sales, and front store
      sales are higher margin than Rx. CVS's Rx sales are
      actually higher than WAG's - CVS fills more prescriptions
      than any other pharmacy chain. CVS's profits are lower
      in part because it is using cash to acquire new
      sites and relocate its small strip mall stores into
      bigger stand-alone locations. WAG is already more than
      70% stand-alone, while CVS is around 25%. When CVS
      closes in on WAG in stand-alone stores, it will start
      beating WAG in total sales and profits.

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