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  • kayaker643 kayaker643 Feb 1, 2008 11:16 AM Flag

    SSS next thursday

    will see 3.60 next week on strong SSS. Bebe's weak number last night did not bring bebe down. Retails taking off for real. Expect wtsla to 7 by June

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    • 3.60 is out of reach. more likely we will see earnings of 6-7 cents, and sss down 2% and stay in the 2.7-2.9 range. a penny or a percent better and we could go to 3.15. but 2-3 cents lower or 2% worse and we are down to 2.40 as a result of investors with short horizons.

    • Hi, I own a small number of WTSLA shares. I also own some ANF and ARO. I am new to investing. I posted a question on the ANF board, but got no responses. Maybe some of you can help me out with where I can find SSS estimates.

      Below is what I put on the other board. Any help appreciated.



      Hello, all.

      I am new to ANF as an investor. I am also new to a lot of the market stuff.

      From what I am reading there are same-store sales numbers that are released each month. Reading old news those numbers are always compared against estimates.

      My question is a dumb one. Where do I get those estimates? I tried many different searches on different sites, and I could not find a site that could provide me with a simple list of apparel companies along with analyst estimates of their SSS.

      I seem to be able to find earnings estimates everywhere, but monthly SSS estimates are nowhere to be found, except after the fact in some news report.

      Can someone please point me to a site that can provide this information?

      Thank you,

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      • Apparel retail stores release same store sales (SSS) results each month. This is a comparison of stores open more than year
        and how they did for the monthly sales compared to last year.
        In addition to the month SSS results, there are quarterly financial results (total sales, profits etc...) which arte released every quarter (three months).

        To answer your specific questions, during quarterly results retailers will typically offer their own internal guidance as to what they expect from next months SSS results. Monthly SSS forecasts are typically not published anywhere. This is different from quarterly and full year revenue/profit guidance which you can find published in various places.

        Back to SSS, most retailers, including WTSLA have forecasted "low single digit" SSS decreases for the month of January.

    • chart very bullish, clears a six month downtrend. Retail index bottomed three weeks ago. This group will outperform the market. Strong SSS thursday will fill the gap