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  • ayjake ayjake Jul 12, 2002 8:50 PM Flag

    Netflix so far has not failed me

    The service has been excellent - I have been using it exclusively since Dec 2001 - and I almost always have one or two movies on hand with one coming.

    I have about 15 movies at all times in my cue and that seems to work the best for me.

    Not having to drive to a rental store, search for titles, wait in line is great, but the biggest thrill I have IS NEVER HAVING TO FIRE UP THE CAR AT NIGHT TO MAKE A "AVOID THE LATE CHARGE" RUN. I love it, what can I say.

    Serve me well, and a customer you will always have. This is a very well run company with service at the top of their list.

    They will do well if good service and great prices have anything to do with capitalism and free enterprise.

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    • teacher_of_all_knowledge teacher_of_all_knowledge Jul 13, 2002 2:19 AM Flag

      Has anyone ever rented more than 3 dvd per week from Netflix?

      Before they shut down your return service?

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      • I was on the 4 at a time plan for several months in the winter - it worked great and I think it is probably more profitable for Netflix. Why? Because despite your best intentions they pile up and piling up means less turnaround and postage costs. I'll probably do it again next winter. I liked it better because there were always movies coming and going and I didn't mind holding on to them a little extra either to check out the extra features.

        I cut off the showtime and hbo and couldn't care less - the Netflix way is so much better.

      • It looks like nflx is "throttling" my rental rate... If you are 8-out subscriber, you anit got anymore 8/week. It's disgusting... to find out they are doing businees in a dishonest way like my on-line broker (by the way, its TDWaterhouse*)...

        TDWaterhouse is by far the WORST online broker. High commision fee and "hidden" charges (you place one order, they charge you on multiple executions at $14.95 each). Their webpage is so poor that it takes you 2-5 minutes to enter an order. They lock your account every chance they got to force you to send in more money (even though the condition for such remedial action disappears). Their quote is worse than yahoo's (25+ mins delay). It seems like you are not a welcomed customer unless you behave in a way that they are benefiting from you (like holding your stock forever, never trade, or leave your cash there)... sorta like NFLX wants you to rent all the craps they show up in your "recommendation list" (they like to recommend craps from the 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's, that are guaranteed to be "available now") or simply not rent "too much".

        NFLX will catch eyes and hypes. But remember, there are no free lunch, sooner or later or now (??), NFLX will realize they can't really provide "unlimited" rental forever. They will start to slow down until it balances itself. It may still hold an advantage over traditional rental companies like BB and Holywood, but it's definitely not getting that big (as you hope) as it can't scale and maintain its profit at the same rate.

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