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  • rideoutthestorm rideoutthestorm Jul 16, 2002 1:44 AM Flag

    So your movie is not in stock, So what

    For the past few weeks all you hear about on
    this financial message board is whinning about
    not getting a new release. How often did you
    go to BBI or Hlywd and get those new release.
    I never got them. They were almost never in
    stock. My sister in law had some method of
    hitting the return pile at a specific time
    to get them but that just seemed to anal.

    So why is it the whiners on this message board
    expect Netflix to be some godsend perfect world
    that would have enough copies of whatever
    movie so there were no waitlists. The waitlist
    is still better than trying to line a copy up
    with the other rental shops.

    I deal with waitlist movies by just reordering
    my queue before they ship the next set of
    movies.(Although I was totally pissed when the
    Royal Tenenbaums was available, 1st in queue,
    and I didn't get it and now it's a long wait.)

    The two things I like most about NFLX aside
    from no late fee's are 1) I don't have to walk
    down a row of movies with my head cocked to
    one side and get a kink in my neck. 2) Here
    I can use a search engine to track down my

    We also have the 8 pack account and still go
    to Hollywood every couple of months.

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    • I agree completely... Adn to add to your post:

      Even if you don't get the new release immediately, but get queued to be on the second round of deliveries, then there really sin't a big deal as you are still getting a movie you want to see in the meantime. in addition, its better than going all the way to the video store just to be dissapointed... and having to go back there time and time again and not having the movie in stock.. With Netflix you don't have to keep a sharp eye on when it gets returned -- it will just get sent to you automagically!

      Excellent service!

    • So I quit my service.

      half my queue are dvds with a wait. Monster's Ball was a "short wait"...for 4 weeks. One week I went to a chain and with no problem got 3 movies that Netflix had long waits on.

      I don't know what's wrong with their inventory, or their business model, but I'm thru giving them 20 bucks a month. It's too bad, I liked the idea.

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