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  • ohio_jim_tiffin ohio_jim_tiffin Nov 19, 2002 3:42 PM Flag

    I'm surprised....

    <<And I remind myself that for every seller there was a buyer, and an awful lot thought $9+ was a good price to buy at. Establishes a nice support level I would think for the future>>

    Good point! I'm betting very few shorters thought this stock would move 1.8M shares above $9 if you asked them 1 week ago.

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    • Ok, I am not the most astute, but...until the lockout is over, a stock cannot be shorted. This was my understanding and experience in trying to short IPO stocks in the past.

      If that is true, and people want to short this stock, we should see a spike up tomorrow as some people buy short.


      • 2 Replies to palosparkflash
      • Flash,

        Where you been? First, the short interest on this stock is huge... everyone has been shorting it. Second, "a spike up as people buy short"? People don't buy short... they sell short. If people were to increase the short position substantially, the price would drop.

        You're too funny.

      • Palo, you said "Ok, I am not the most astute, but...until the lockout is over, a stock cannot be shorted."

        Well, you're partially right. One could short, and people surely have shorted, this stock prior to the lock-up expiration. So, you're wrong about that part, but you're right about the first part.

        Incidentally, I'm listening to a web broadcast of a radio station in a different part of the country ( from Denver). The commercials played through the 'Net are not the same ones that are played on the actual broadcast. Nevertheless, I've heard two radio ads for NetFlix. They were ok, and it was great to hear them, but they were a bit amateurish. Live and learn.

        Best of luck to all.

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