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  • heretheeherethee heretheeherethee Mar 19, 2003 1:49 PM Flag


    I shorted 500 yesterday. And I shorted another 500 today. There's nothing wrong with swing-trading, ladies and gentlemen. Sell now then short a little more, cover the short and go net long again in the $15-$18 range at your pleasure.

    For example, I was long MOT in a major way until yesterday. Exited for a nice profit, shorted and profitably covered my MOT short today. If the bids stack up, I will go long MOT again.

    What I am saying is don't put your knowledge of a company to waste. This company. Any company. The longer you watch it, the more you understand its natural trading patterns. Daytrade, swingtrade AND value invest as appropriate, sometimes all three, in one stock. Do it now. Do it again. It's addictive AND profitable.

    Your knowlege of this company makes you know that $19 is a premium price. So sell & short, wait, then cover the short and go net long again 30 cents, 50 cents, 75 cents, $1, $2, $3/share cheaper. You decide how exactly you want to play it. How far down it should go until you step in again to a net long position.

    Why not? It puts money in your pocket. And at the end of the day - or of two or four or six days - you're back to holding the same long position you've got today. WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.

    Think about it!

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    • WOW!!! we're really scared now, you shorted a whole 1,000 shares. Gee, did you borrow the money from mommy and daddy and little sister susie who?'re losing money again. Are you TRYING to prove you have the investment prowess of a fu@cking ape? The shorts are running scared and sh1tless with options expiration on Friday and the runup into the war. Keep shorting loooooser, that outta bring us up to a nice round figure of 35% outstanding SHORT and give us the MOTHER OF ALL SQUEEEEEZES into Friday...again, thx for your money jr.

    • >>Why not? the end of the day you're back to holding the same long position you've got today. WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND MONEY IN YOUR POCKET<<

      Not necessarily. Most short-term traders lack your confidence, and end up panicking when the stock is squeezed. Upon exiting their short, they re-enter a long position at a much higher cost with fewer shares. Remember, over 4 million shares are short; that's 78% of the float; most are underwater. For this reason, NFLX is poised to go higher, imo much higher.

      Good luck with your strategy.


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      • Thanks. Good luck to all longs. I have no malice towards NFLX. And I don't love shorting but I figured out it is a good way to daytrade and swingtrade. I just trade 'em as I see them. If I thought NFLX were cheap, I would go long. Note I closed my last NFLX short profitably and right now I think it's a good short - but I cannot take a new short position due to TD Waterhouse having no NFLX stock to lend. This could be a great sign for NFLX longs. A massive short position once covered means massive buying. I reckon $25/sh is quite possible quite soon.

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