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  • qrious12000 qrious12000 Dec 9, 2003 4:10 PM Flag

    Any opinions on PGHI?

    Good or bad, let me know your thoughts...

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    • I'll respect your privacy and not ask. Now if you'd care to "pop-off for a spot of tea" see ya 'round mate.


    • "Jolly good, ol' pumper. Bugger off, now before I call the Bobbies."

      ha ha ha.... good one Fed :)

      I rather wish to be scotish, I LOVE scotish accent.

      but anyway, I'm not from any of the places u mention. U'll be amazed from where I'am.

    • I actually think that you're from london or Europe, immediately mistrust people is one thing, but to tell them so is another.

      I didn't think the guy was a pumper because he was talking about selling a big load of shares, which would make me want to stay away from that stock because:

      1. It could flood the market.
      2. He's looking to get out.'re probably right. Anyway, when I read your posts, they always have a NY accent.


      WTFDIK, it's hard to imagine you saying, "Jolly good, ol' pumper. Bugger off, now before I call the Bobbies."



    • why does everyone I meet thinks I'm from NY ??

      is it for my kindness ??

    • Chapel..I applaud you trying to help the uninformed novice. I and many others I'm sure have been hooked into these pump and dump penny stocks in the past. I made a resolution to myself to never get involved in these boiler room P&D penny stocks.

      I just get tired of coming to the NFLX board and seeing PGHI posts taking up the bandwidth.

    • I have a question. So, the whole time PGHI was rising from under a penny to its current levels, 500% gain at times, you were telling people not to buy. LOL Not here to pump this stock, but rather to say that people should think for themselves and do their own DD. PGHI might not be a stock to get into now, but it sure was when it was under a penny. People that say things like you are usually short selling. Not saying you are, but thats what you sound like. I am not telling anyone to buy, but rather do your own DD.

    • Look back through my posts and you'll see I consitently post information about PGHI indicating what a bad deal it is, every time the pumpers post.

      I am totally against PGHI and I'll let the pumpers know everytime they come here.

      That being said qriious seems like an honest individual looking for advice on how to exit a penny stock and deal with a PPM.

    • PGHI is a POS penny stock. Please refrain from posting on the NFLX board. Start your own board for PGHI and keep it off this forum.

    • I think Ron's advice is solid. I think, though, that PGHI can handle slight larger blocks, so 50K shouldn't be a problem. Test the waters as he say.

      Regarding PPM, if I were inclined to do something like that, then I would not bother selling the stock. My advice is still sell half. You'll make 2-3 times your initial investment and you'll have a lot of upside left if things take off. If you've got better opportunities lined up, then by all means dump all your shares and go into those.

      I'm sorta taking you at your word that you're not a pumper, and so congratulations on your profits. You are among a handful of people who have probably done well in the penny stock world. Let us know how the selling goes. You can definately move that market if you're not careful, but you seem to have gotten that point.

      Best of Luck


      BTW Max-you must be from NY (I'm from the Bronx originally)

    • Will do...

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