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  • ilikethehype ilikethehype Feb 20, 2004 3:41 PM Flag

    NFLX: Bubble 2 poster child

    When it pops, everyone will be pointing at NFLX as an example of over-hyped stocks.

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    • Real sorry you can't keep things straight and I guess that explains your issues.

    • >You keep mixing your economies. One minute >you are talking about the US economy and when >your argument fails you switch to the global >economy.

      Okay, let me break it out for you n i c e a n d s l o w l y.

      You say: This is a second bubble and will burst just like 2000.

      I say: No, this is following a pattern of boom-bust-boom, a pattern similar to the railroads that used an innovation of technology (railroad/ecommerce) to turn many segmented markets into one (continental/global) market. This is what is called making an *analogy* to today's scenario, that the internet/ecommerce has made the globe one market increasing productivity and opening up new markets for goods.

      You say: Overcapacity is still there in business sector becuase it was all Y2K spending.

      I say: The business sector will not fuel this boom but consumer spending, not specifying whether it is US or global consumers.

      You say: US consumers are tapped out (assuming I was talking about US only.)

      I say: I disagree on US consumers being tapped out (that's been a prediction since before the first boom), but clarify that the markets are no longer US only for consumers, that there is a global market for consumers.

      You say: But US jobs are being shipped overseas and that's bad for our economy.

      I say: The only thing truly bad for the *US* economy (not global economy) I see is oil prices which are high. Jobs have been being shipped overseas for decades (MFG), but now that it's white collar jobs everyone throws up their hands and gets alarmed. The fact is that the US will adjust creating new jobs and fields here. That's the way the free market works.

      You say: How can you say oil is bad for the global economy?

      I say: I said it was bad for the *US ECONOMY*

      You say...ah forget it...

      Why don't I just shut up and you can write another extended rant on how outsourcing jobs will kill the US economy, becuase that appears to be what you're most interested in (how we got there from wether this was a second bubble I don't know).

      I find the hue and cry about jobs ironic as unemployment is only at 6% and we've been outsourcing jobs (MFG) for decades and no one raise their hand up in the airs. It seems you may be pining yourself for the bubble days of unrealistic unemployment (3% without inflation).

      The fact of the matter is the US *constantly* exports the industries it creates abroad and downsizes the workforce in existing industries *while* creating new industries. We did it agriculture, we did it in consumer electronics, we did it in computer manufacturing, we're in the process of doing it to call centers. And yet we've created biotech/pharm industries, network/routing, cell and other industries to take their place.

      "Outsourcing" is hip now. Another SARS outbreak in China that the officials forget to mention until it's shut down your MFG plant for three months or more nuclear rattling between Pakistan/India will nip that in the bud. There are serious fundamental problems in those countries that will wean the glean of outsourcing as a "one size fits all" solution over time.

    • By the way, for the mathematical challenged (i.e. the shorts), those prices are pre-split. So the cost basis is really have those amounts.

    • LOL
      Actually, I bought at $18 in May. And at $25. And at $36.

      Doubled my money on that $36 trade--lightened up a bit at the beginning of this market correction, so now I'm basically playing free--using shorts' money. Thank you!

      Also made money buying call options straddling the last two earnings reports. Did you see what the stock did on the last two earnings reports or did you just discover it in January LOL!!!

      That's 6 upside earnings surprises in a row for NFLX--a nice run up in the few weeks before too. Earnings is approaching---look out! LOL

    • The delivery is never as good as the anticipation. Buy on the rumor, sell on the news. That only works when you have a lot of speculators like Feb 2000 and now.

    • He said he bought at ELEVEN.

      I know what I am talking about. He is one of those guys that watches his stocks go up and then right back down again.

      I bet you bought right after the last earnings report after you heard it on CNBC.

      Now fuck off.

    • OOPS, okay, $11. so I was off by $1.

    • >>>wait six months ... for the stock to get back to the highs that you bought at

      LOL that PROVES you're just a seagull poster that hasn't been around long enough to know that chapel has been in since about $12!!!

      How RIDICULOUS you are. You think vulgarities and a couple stolen cute turns of phrase makes you right. FACTS, man. WHERE ARE YOUR FACTS???

    • Buddy, long or short, you is one HECK of a stud.

      Just don't get caught with your pecker out on this one.

      It's about to take a leak.

    • There is a time to buy and a time to sell. What I have sold gives me two boats at my dock, a fleet of former motorcycles,(gave it up recently) a Lexus and all kinds of toys. Retired for about twelve years and dont gamble. Have used Vegas for store bought sex, Honk Kong and Bangkok too. Some pictures on my wall but no stock certificates.

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