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  • wmt_is_better_than_nflx wmt_is_better_than_nflx Apr 30, 2004 2:52 PM Flag

    How Ironic...


    The Pumpers here Discount the Insider SELLS but Hang their Hat on ONE Insider BUY!

    You Can't have it Both ways!

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    • Are you just a complete idiot. GZFX hasn't even begun charging for their new subscribers yet. You want to see a high revenue growth rate? Follow this stock for another year.

    • Junk now but what about the future? I see GZFX a better investment then NFLX as IMO Subs will decrease or slow down. GZFX subs should increase with the games idea, bottom line subs = increased pps GZFX will first have to prove they can handle a customer increase and once they do that they are on the road to profits.

      It will take some time, how long did it take NFLX to get there, a year and a half?

    • Pumpers, bashers and angry losers. Im done posting on this crap, just going to stalk. You can be angry at each other, too much hostility to communicate in a productive manner. So have fun talking shit to each other, bashing pumping or whatever you freaks do with your time. I got money to be made and your negativity is distracting. Think about this : Speculative plays are getting killed in the wake of this BS in IRAQ. Torturing prisoners? I bet the arab nation is REAL happy now. And this penny stock is holding strong! Oh ya it's going bankrupt, im sure that's why almost 40 million shares traded on almost entirely up volume 2 sessions ago. That's probably why the compq is at 200 MA and this is holding near the 20 MA. Dont get me wrong id dump it at the first sign of weakness, But you're a blind fool looking at history. I see the future. Have a nice day prick =)

    • Management Effectiveness
      Return on Assets (ttm): -730.86%
      Return on Equity (ttm): N/A
      Profit Margin (ttm): N/A
      Operating Margin (ttm): -83.64%
      Income Statement
      Revenue (ttm): 324.00K
      Revenue Per Share (ttm): 0.001
      Revenue Growth (lfy)�: -79.90%
      Gross Profit (ttm)�: 127.44K
      EBITDA (ttm): -266.00K
      Net Income Avl to Common (ttm): -630.00K
      Diluted EPS (ttm): -0.003
      Earnings Growth (lfy)�: N/A
      Balance Sheet
      Total Cash (mrq): 8.00K
      Total Cash Per Share (mrq): 0
      Total Debt (mrq)�: 962.00K
      Total Debt/Equity (mrq): N/A
      Current Ratio (mrq): 0.109
      Book Value Per Share (mrq): -0.004
      Your a complete IDIOT for pumping this crap! Even a moron can read the numbers...Oh except you guys pumping this junk....your a buffoon!!!!!!! The company is sooooo close to bankrupt its just a matter of time! And Ben wont help it any. Hes just a dope head. DUDE

    • It is still unclear to me if Schuh has partial interest the 250K shares or the 250k shares is his part. I guess 1st, and sec doesn't require exact %tage disclosure because it changes daily as others get in and out of the fund??

      Indirect ownership interest is defined as ownership interest in an entity that has direct or indirect ownership interest in the disclosing entity.The amount of indirect ownership in the disclosing entity that is held by any other entity is determined by multiplying the percentage of ownership interest at each level. "

    • Things always come out.....see next post

    • Don't be an idiot.. Insiders are selling to get some money NOW to pay for something. Netflix CEO does not havethe salary loke CEO of Alcoa or GE ( more than 3-4 millions per year). When insider is buying it means that he thinks that the stock is cheap, as most of us do when buy any stock. Insiders may have more information ....

    • Not True! A BUY of 250K shares is a bit different then the selling of 10k shares at intervals. They are set up way in advance and called planned selling. It wouldn't have mattered what the price was! Those sells would have been made anyway. It is a "protect" profit sale for the investor. HOWEVER, a new buy of 250K shares is showing something is brewing here! JMHO of course!

    • Please tell me you aren't that stupid?!

      Insiders for many reasons - some good, some neutral and some bad. While there have been plenty of insiders selling, THIS is the first insider buy in some time. I've often found that the best time to buy a stock is when the insiders start buying. We will likely see insider selling continue to some extent but something appears to be in the offing here.

      GL Longs!

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