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  • scottrsullivan scottrsullivan May 11, 2004 12:56 PM Flag

    Why NFLX and not GKFZ

    gkfz too volatile up and down
    it may go up a lot but low liquidity

    nflx much more liquid stock
    95% institutional ownership
    insider buying
    and volatility yes, but upside potential much higher than downside

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    • OK; then why don't you take your GameZn... stuff to their board and leave us alone. You EquityLinkPR are diluting the discussion in this board. You should know about dilution your f*cking company has over 350MM shares outstanding with a market cap of one trade in NFLX. F*ckoff; why don't you go blow your Ben Curtis. that ought to keep your hands and mouth busy for a while and help us focus on NFLX.

    • If you don't like GZFX...then why are you talking about it 24/7?

      So yourself dumb fool is "Free Advertising" oir little gem.That's good

      I'm very aware about your extreme left wing
      negativity about GZFX...sinced 2 cents!But this little puppy is walking now to run you over pretty soon.

      Now cut your throat...talking cheap about GZFX.

    • Ace is right, very different model here. You found it ackje, you get to pick the name. We've got online rentals, brick n' click's....what's your name for this variety?

    • > and it came with some movies even didn't show

      Well, spent (wasted?) more time looking at
      Read a bunch of comments on their web site. It seems that their circles concept is still in a raw stage (then again, perhaps billions of happy customers simply don't post...Nah...)

      Checked the circle for 'Loves of a Blonde' :
      Total Discs: 1
      Number of Members: 2
      Avg. Members/Disc 2

      Sounds good, except:

      Last Circulated (days ago): 385

      Now, if I sign up, what are the chances I'd ever get it ?.....

    • Loose about loses again,...

    • You're right, they do have an interesting variation on nflx concept. Moreover my quick test for movie choices came pretty good. I've entered in search Kieslowski and Forman under people and it came with some movies even didn't show (like 'Loves of a Blonde' an early Milos Forman movie)

      A to drawbacks, it is somewhat unclear, both for the company and for clients.
      The addressing hassle could make one to keep a movie longer than with nflx. After watching a movie late Sunday it could be not till Monday after work when one gets around checking web site for the next 'victim'. Unless people learn to check for the next person ahead of the time. In the end it is important for Numberslate to manage the circles-queues such that the average movies kept at a time per person is neither large (company looses money) nor to small (company looses the customer).

      Another drawback may be the loss of privacy, but except for "adult" movies it may not be a big issue.

      I'm tempted to join just from curiosity (and to see some of those movies not available elsewhere)

      In the end, the extra complications may be just too much for them, but in the meantime it could be good for customers.

      One more thought: This could lead to a company that that charges $0/month and lets people exchange their own movies (or does it exists already). Company manages circles and makes money on adds/eyeballs and selling DVDs

    • Hmm.. I couldn't sum up the drawbacks any worse then they do in their own FAQ. This company poses no threat I think its safe to say.

      "Are there any drawbacks?

      There is one minor drawback: each movie will require five minutes of your time to address before you can send it on to the next person.

      You may have one other concern about addressing the envelopes. Have you ever used Ebay? When you buy something, you send the seller your mailing address, and they send you the item. Our new system will work the same way. Number Slate will provide your address (not your name--you'll be identified by your nickname) to the person who is sending the DVD. They will address the disc to you, just like Ebay.

      One other detail needs to be noted. It is not possible for us to put postage on the envelopes when they are going directly from one member to the next, so you will have to add a stamp yourself, when you add the mailing label. If you want, you can buy stamps from us, or if you prefer, you can use whatever stamps you have lying around the house.

      Each envelope will require $0.60 in postage. That is the price of a single two-ounce package. That is less than the cost of two one-ounce envelopes ($0.74 or more). But even paying for postage yourself, you will save money. If you are currently on the 3 at a time plan, for example, on average you rent 10 movies in a month, for $19.95. With this new system, you will pay $9.95 for the membership, and 10 X $0.60 = $6.00 for postage. That's only $15.95! A savings of 20% Since you are in complete control of the number of movies you see in a month, you only pay for what you watch. The more movies you see, the more you save. That's the secret of eliminating the so-called "free" shipping. By paying for it yourself, you eliminate the DVD company's ability charge you more than what it costs them.

    • ""

      Check out the interesting variation on the model here. I don't think it would scale because there's not a lot of control over service levels. Plus they outright lie in the FAQ by claiming shipping costs are half the revenue of other companies. What BS. And in the "best circumstances" you can get 9 or 10 movies. What BS.

      But maybe its worth spending more time cruising the competitors to look for ideas.

    • I was looking for sites that specialize in the oriental movies and tv serials, but run into these google Sponsored Links for generic rentals:

      It seems one could rent for a year just using free trials... (if registering, setting queue, and canceling would leave any time to watch :-)

    • Thanks it will show up (if it ranks high enough) in next week's Top 25!

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