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  • surrational_investor surrational_investor Jun 2, 2004 11:37 AM Flag


    Strange that the same people that like GZFX also recommended stocks that outperformed the indexes in healthy sectors, in a sick market!. While the GZFX bashers have absolutely no input besides what can be said about just any penny stock. Their stock picks are of no value, do they have any clue? Hell no, but hey who would we take our money from?
    All these recommends were posted by me about a week ago. Which would have net 5-10% in each. Undervaluedgems also has some great stock picks outperforming the market, what do we have in common? We both like GZFX.,uu[f,a]diclyyay[dd][pc200!c100!

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    • "Why don't you study something current on GZFX instead of Yahoo old hat crap...?"

      Old crap? /boggle

      That was the Q1 results published by GZFX less than a month ago. How much more current would you like? I'm using the information GZFX provides.

      If *ANYONE*, short or long, on the NetFlix board posted "Disc usage in Q1? Forget that old crap, it's meaningless" they'd be laughed (rightfully) right off the board.

      Or are you asserting that as of today GZFX has neither a single dollar of debt and has secured the $10m of funding it indicated it needed. If so I'd be interested in your source of information.

    • Why don't you study something current on GZFX instead of Yahoo old hat crap...?


    • "People would go to the GZFX board if yahoo had a message board for it. Only one is the german board, so there is low traffic."

      And a German board URL is how much harder to click on that a US URL?

      BTW the German board is still Yahoo. Here's the link to help you, the remarkable thing about the internet is that even though it's German you get there just as fast as if it was next door. =)

      I had you on ignore originally becuase all you did was talk about how hot to trot you were, but couldn't post your "secrets" becuase Alan Greenspan was reading the NFLX board and might adjust theinterest rate based on your posts, or something like that. I think it's back to ignore with you afterall. =)

    • >Yah, I agree - GZFX is a startup ... but a >startup without any debt .... and despite >your claim ... GZFX has more than adequate >cash to pay the bills, and do the TV ad bit.

      Where do you get that they don't have any debt?? How can you claim they have enough cash to pay bills?

      "As of March 31, 2004, the Registrant had total current assets of $795,289 and total current liabilities of $1,147,622, resulting in a working capital deficit of $352,333"

      "The Registrant's continued operations, as well as the implementation of its business plan, will depend upon its ability to raise additional funds through bank borrowings and equity or debt financing. The Registrant estimates that it will need to raise up to $10,000,000 over the next twelve months for such purposes. "

    • Yah, I agree - GZFX is a startup ... but a startup without any debt .... and despite your claim ... GZFX has more than adequate cash to pay the bills, and do the TV ad bit.


    • "Management does not know how to make the company profitable"

      NFLX was profitable Q3 and Q4 of 2003, albeit by a slim margin. The question is whether they can manage sustained profitability, and more specifically, beginning in Q2 (or else I'll sell). =)

    • botonist86-

      I betcha I own more shares of NFLX than you do, and I betcha I have sold more NFLX shares that you have ever owned, and I betcha that the remaining NFLX shares I still own are more than all the NFLX shares you ever owned.

      And you know something ... I have made a lot of money with NFLX ... but I am sure not in love with it for one reason ... Management does not know how to make the company profitable.


    • Ya know .. if anyone gave a sh*t about GZFX, GZFX wouldn't have to employ pumpers on the NFLX board.

      Thousands of stocks have paid pumpers and bashers, that's because no one gives a damn about those also? Not likely, it's a game that's been played on wall street for some time now.

      If people gave a sh*t then people would actually be attracted to the GZFX board where they would have their own pumpers and bashers

      People would go to the GZFX board if yahoo had a message board for it. Only one is the german board, so there is low traffic.

      Of course, there are no people that give a sh*t about GZFX except those that are paid to pump it on the NFLX board and they only care because they are paid to care

      I dont own GZFX or am I paid to pump it, I just know what will happen when those ad's hit the air. Picking up curtis while he was down, and curtis actually working for them, says volumes. But you wouldnt understand that would you? Going to retort about the financials like the rest now eh?

    • What's your year to date performance?

      It's actually been just about a year (May 29, 2003) since I bought this basket of stocks. (I adjust year to year and this was a whole new sweep).

      Let's see:

      GE bought at ~$28 now $31 up 10%
      MMM bought at (split adjusted) ~$62 now at $85 up 36%
      TYC bought at ~$18 now $30.69 up 68%
      NFLX bought at (split adjusted) ~$11 now at $32.68 up 187% (I have a smaller block of NFLX bought at $33.20 which obviously is down slightly)
      NVDA bought at ~$22 now at $23.31 up 5% (not a big winner)
      QQQ bought at ~$29 now at 36.30 up 22%
      SPY bought at ~$95 now at 112.65 up 18%

      Total portfolio after a full year up 53%.

      No short term capital gains taxes, no trading fees (except original purchase) and two stock splits during that time (MMM & NFLX).

      What does it mean all told? Buptkiss.

      See some people come on here and try and convince others to buy/sell or trade a stock a certain way. They post links about their fabulous trades and how much money they made. It's kind of like late night TV commercials or used car salesman. Rarely do I think their just doing it out of the kindess of their heart. It's easy enough to post one's trades as they make them and earn credibility for calling it right...but folks like you claim great successes but never have any proof to back them up. Then you try and convince other people to buy/sell...sounds like a used car salesman to me. They never have stocks that do average, poorly, or plain out suck. Makes you wonder if their real investors at all? =)

      I don't personally reccomend folks to buy, sell, hold, short whatever any stock. I post my trades when I make 'em and put my disclosure up front.

      So congrats that you have links that show stock charts of stocks that have done well that you claimed you have capitalized on. GZFX is still down nearly 60% from it's highs. I still haven't heard what the $14,000,000 paid to consultants in Q1 went too...but I'm sure that's just a typical penny-stock/startup operating expense.

      • 1 Reply to chapel_of_words
      • (Surrational, thanks for mentioning me, but I don't fancy myself as a great stock-picker, just like to call myself as "someone who is quick on their feet" when it comes to investing and this state is not a sure-fire assurer of wins in the market since I've had my share of losses but it helps me scan the market at all times to spot opportunities and try to capitalise on them as they emerge).

        Chapel! Thanks for posting your porrfolio performance. I give you full marks for honesty, disclosure and ethical conduct on this MB). You are the kind of person I would entrust part of my life-savings in order to invest it in a "mutual-fund" like safe basket of stocks with two digit returns in a steady manner.

        However, a part of me discounts the long-term theory particularly after the tech bubble bursting and the 9/11 based volatility that I want to keep holding certain positions as briefly as possible and then to exit them either with profits (if I have been lucky or take my losses and move on). Actually with IDSY, I have traded in and out of it a few times after mentioning it here at the mid 8s level (today it is over 14).

        I have come to realize that in order to protect my long term positions from losing value (imagine sitting on a stock for a year and still having a negative rate of return), I need to ride the volatility waves myself to make a few bucks here and there so that my overall portfolio has positive returns. Your returns for holding for a year are impressive and must beat many mutual funds returns but I have somehow developed some instincts that have paid me off handsomely in the past (and have also burned me many times too).

        Even when I enter a stock for a brief period, I still do my DD on it unlike day-traders who do not even know the company they are buying, just the stock symbol. I figure that if I enter and exit stocks several times a year (even taking into account my trading costs and taxes), I can make more than holding on to them (and this applies only to blue-chips since they don't generally gyrate wildly).

        But I have also been humbled to know that in stocks like REDF, EVCI, UBET and all that, I could have made more by just staying put (one good example of a solid company that has run up more than 500% in a year is RIMM). So, as they say, you win some and you lose some, but I have a different reason and time-frame for what I am doing based on my life-situation.

        Good luck.

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