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  • jum2345 jum2345 Jul 20, 2004 6:09 PM Flag

    Glad I sold but.....

    I was fortunate to sell before earnings, sometimes you get lucky. However, I think NFLX will be back to $30 in no time, this stock moves fast and alot of people want in on it.

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    • he can't... he shorted them

    • That's very charitable of you to think that anyone would have sex with, much less breed with bbi_wins...

    • Good going !

      How much time do you spend per day on this board ?

      Maybe you should spend more time with your kids and fmaily ?

    • I've decided to hold off for now. None of my exit strategies have been triggered (they were profitable in Q2 after all) and I agree that this stock moves up and down quite a bit. If we stay at this level for more than a week it will represent something more than a quick punishing of the stock..though I don't necessarily think we'll jump back up to $30 overnight again either unless a big business win comes out.

      I am tooling my exit strategies however a little bit...currently two are on deck: quarter to quarter increase in SAC or increase in Churn. However with ongoing profitability forecasted (and I realize that's an "if scenario") those might need to be fine tuned. I think churn remains a high priority as it's fundamental to the business but if SAC goes up while profits remain stable that's not as bad a scenario as SAC going up without being able to be profitable.

      I do think BBI is being *very* savvy with their beta site. It's "beta", so nothing on it they're actually held too including the quoted price. They can float that price until Q4 and make NetFlix sweat and then decide then if they actually wish to offer at that price or not. No way for them to lose really with the beta-site at this time.

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