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  • surrational_investor surrational_investor Jul 21, 2004 7:42 AM Flag

    Glad I sold but.....

    Of course he is paid to do this. Finally someone else seeing the light. He's really adept at decieving people, even many of the shorts thought I was crazy when I stated he was paid to be here. The longs worshiped him, and called me paranoid. Probably one of the highest paid pumpers in the biz. Psychological background I suspect. They make really good money when they are as sneaky as this guy. Hence why he began to attack me, I was disrupting his little community here. He called me a used car salemen, when I was just trying to help people avoid these losses. Funny that he would call me that, since his job places him firmly below politicians and lawyers. I mean who is more unsavory then a person that is paid to mislead average investors into losing thousands? Hell, bush has more character.

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