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  • raidehz raidehz Apr 6, 2005 11:22 PM Flag

    Here's My Three Babies!!!

    I'm a little miffed that my beloved Cabela's can't find an upward advance.

    I'm long in all 3 of these for several,several thousands of dollars.

    Wish it was millions, who knows maybe 20-years from now it will be millions.

    Anyways, this is a little sampling of my holdings.

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    • Not to be Simon Cowell on ya but I think Cabela's is a poor long... They have nothing to grow into? They are first and foremost mial order catalog? Ever been into a Galyans? (sold to Dicks) Competition is tight and everyone is selling the same stuff... Cabela's will stick around but not a good long. Personally I'd look at enwv, ckcm, brlc, giga ?? Careful with GIGA right now... wait for it to settle down... it will and it is a great long

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      • well, I have got the majority of my eggs riding on Cabela's. I'm down approx 50-cents p.s. on it. They're expanding and have been around since 1961 and looks like management is taking advantage of their recent IPO and using stockholder equity to fullfil that expansion. I agree that some of the competition looks tasty and if I could buy 500 securities I would, but I can only afford around 20-30 different companies if I want any amount of shares and plus I add to them if I feel they're being oversold, like I did on my IDNX after I knew that pos VISG would send it down over the short-term.

        Cabela's is expensive looking through their catalogs, but the sportsman seem to just love it. I honestly feel as they keep strategically placing those b&m stores and i'm patient and let the stock stay flat to down during this expansion... I will be looking at some great profits with CAB in a few years down the road. I like the company a lot, to me I feel it's going to do what Wal*Mart & Home Depot or even Blockbuster to the mom & pop fishing shops. I feel Cabela's will dominate in the future. You can find a Beer (butt) Chicken cooker and a Gas-fired Blenderr for camping.

        Think about it...

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