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  • rkrs20 rkrs20 Nov 3, 2006 2:11 AM Flag

    Blockbuster won my buisness back

    Went into the bb store this morn after reading some of the post to see what the hype was all about. First off best experience I have had in a video store in a long time. They were very nice about it showed me the website let me look at the selection then walked me through signing up for the two week trial and took the initial coupon option and gave me a rental. By the time I got home I had 3 emails letting me know that all three of my movies had shipped....I have been on netflix for the last 6 months but I think that just ended today same online idea with more benifits at the same price is a great value......Try it guys my coupon they gave me says go to and the promo code is 49018B

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    • haha - got to love these employees and the shit they will spin when their internal incentive programs offer them a couple bucks.

      That promo code is tied to the poster's store, and he gets credit for recruitment when it used.

    • You either work for BBI or you are short on NFLX. The fact that you provided a link for a free coupon only tells me that you have a motive.

      Please don't "pretend" by telling us that "Blockbuster won my business back". The story you made up is a hoax! If your experience was so "great", why didn't you share your experience on the BBI board? Your ultra ego is to see NFLX crash.....isn't it?

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      • If you took the time to read any of my other post you would have caught already that I am a blockbuster fan and that I had been on netflix for a fairly long time. With that said I am not big daddy his post are weak at best. I started reading the post when I first heard about the whole total access idea made a few comments about them then went to the store to see how my local store was handling this ( I have had both good and bad experiences in there wanted to see what they were doing) I have always loved blockbuster have been away for a while and have hoped they could find a way to reinvent themselfs in the face of a changing market. I post on this for the simple reason I love to have opposition and in hopes that I could hear both sides I am the only person I knew that was on netflix wanted to see if others had the same kind of experiences I had.

    • "Went into the bb store this morn after reading some of the post to see what the hype was all about."

      If this morning was what made the difference for you, what have you been spouting about and posting these stupid codes for the last week for?

      Seems to me like BBI didn't have to earn your business back. You've been their bitch ever since you made the stupid decision to buy their shares!

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      • Total Access problems:

        - Stores are shopped mostly on weekends and evenings when the post office and DC is closed. A day is not saved if a DVD is dropped off at the store after everything is closed.

        - Most consumers shop twice a week. Dropping the DVD in the mail right away versus waiting until the next trip to town to 'exchange' may negate the day saved.

        - Now it matters when a consumer watches a certain movie (mail or store). In order to maximize value of TA a consumer has to plan when to watch in order to maximize the utility of the plan. Netflix's simplicity compares favorably here.

        - Previous plan with weekly free coupons is pretty close to TA. BBI can market the 'saved day' and the 'why choose between online and store' aspect but it's going to be a push. Consumers already have total access by combining a little bit of VOD, AMZN DVD buys & the occasional rental from the cruddy BBI store in town with a Netflix subscription.

        The long and short of this is that the plan is unsustainable. Just like the 3-out $14.99 plan didn't last, TA will change. In the CC they already are hinting here. BBI...another day, another marketing plan. Even dumb consumers get the message. I predict little traction here.

      • <<<<<You've been their bitch ever since you made the stupid decision to buy their shares! >>>>>

        interesting... You hit the nail on the head why so many on this board refuse to switch to Total Access and insist on having half the service by sticking with NOFLIX....

    • You will not be alone... not by a long shot....

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      • bigdaddy, do you always reply to your own posts? You've been doing it a lot lately. Who do you think you're fooling?

        At least make a modicum of effort not to be such a transparent fraud. Good lord, man.

        Honest question: how will BBI handle the losses they'll take with this plan, as they're already in debt and can't really borrow anymore money? Giving away gold krugerrands would also attract customers, but it doesn't mean it's good for the bottom line. And how will BBI make a name for themselves in the mail-rental market, where they currently have pretty much none? Where's the marketing spend going to come from? How is "Total Access" NOT corporate ritual suicide? Where's the secret money going to come from?

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