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  • jmh_62364 jmh_62364 Sep 23, 2008 7:11 PM Flag

    Why netflix will likely survive....

    Netflix has already tried making their own movies and have shut down that part of the business. Didn't want to compete with the studios on which they rely on for product.

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    • didnt want to compete? hmmmmmmmmmm.... I never knew that? Thanks for the heads up. This mgmt has been praised by many writers as being very "out of the box' in their thinking. I sense they have a few ideas we will here of soon. That doesnt mean the stock wont go to $5 first, though. My first question is how much will they make with their x-box alliance with microsoft. And yes, we are becoming a hermit cacoonlike society in this country more and more and that will benefit netflix. After all, many people ,especially women are not going to even want to drive to a dark BB parking lot at night unless they live in a very ritzy area. As well, if you lived in a ghetto area, would you be using netflix or blockbuster?

    • glenrichmond Sep 23, 2008 9:33 PM Flag

      If I get a movie from Blockheads, and take it back to one of their stores at my expense, what happens to the movie? Does it just stay at that store? Do they ship it back to their local/central warehouse at their expense?

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