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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Sep 23, 2008 6:12 PM Flag

    Why netflix will likely survive....

    Everyone is talking about blockbusters edge in having movies you can also take to the store and exchange. This is true. But we are becoming a society of people who dont want to leave our house at all. We have more introverts and hermits in society than ever before. As well, job stresses are leaving many of us so exhausted that when we come home we just want to open the mailbox and takew out our dvd's. Yes, I enjoyed my trial membershup at blockbuster......but as a busy guy, I hate having to drive the 3 miles or so to my blockbuster to return the damn things! Picking them up is one thing, as you are eager to watch the movie......but who among us doesnt get irritated at going to "return" the movie. This is why netflix will survive.....especually if they increase their free on demand library which BB doesnt have.

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    • another might go the way HBO did when it was a nothing company and start making their own films. Maybe for major distribution, maybe for just netflix customers. They could get professionakl up and coming actors that are getting bit parts in major movies and pay them a song and make good pics.(80% of the major studio pics are crap these day anyway!) This co could even give hollywood a run ...if thats what they want to go for. Damn, would it be fun to work in netflix corporate in these exciting times!

    • also...most of you guys are basing your comments off of what netflix is doing vs. BB at "this" time. We all have no idea what is going on behind closed doors in each oc as they each know what we know. Expect changes to both co's over next year. "tHAT" is the movie I want to watch! -0

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