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  • piezodude piezodude Feb 26, 2010 9:35 PM Flag

    where is the news that they doubled subscribers

    or whatever it was


    can't find it

    see it has a 30.5% short position

    will take a while before wmt comes through, so will it go up more?

    maybe they will make a manipulated run up to push shorts with stops to cover

    sooner or later its a great short? or is it a buy in the meantime?

    what about shorting AMZN or BBY, AMZN had a killer quarter though and already down quite a bit since then

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    • NFLX has always had a lot of shorts. Lots of them have lost their shirts. Short this one at your own peril.

    • Not sure what Apple is up to, or even if they already have downloading for movies, thing they might. They might make a play to buy Netfix? might

      but maybe they don't need them, or paying that much for them, just do it

    • 30.5% short is a lot

      wonder if it is more or less now, if folks covered with the wmt thing

      I have a feeling Netfix is here to stay. That's their thing and they have been growing it pretty fast, first sending out DVD's (good idea, overnight etc.), then the downloading. Downloading will only get better and faster with faster broadband and bigger flash memories and faster computers. That all takes time, though. So will Wmt moving in to competer with them. Netflix already has the name.

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