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  • audiohigh audiohigh Jun 1, 2010 1:38 PM Flag

    BBI better than NFLX

    I'm going with a no for BBI. I just tried going to use the BBI site to check out what all hype was about and the very first thing I was greeted with was that I cannot use FireFox. Apparently their system is only compatible with Internet Explorer?!? What decade are they working in? I've never seen a message like that with NFLX. Something so trivial would make me never want to be a BBI customer. Good thing I use NFLX.

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    • Why are you spreading these lies?
      There are no problems with other browsers.

      Post the link that gave you problems or STFU.

    • Firefox and BBI are very compatabile. In fact works better. That 28day window really is game changer for BBI.

    • oh yeah, once you "rent" the movie from Blockbuster, you hav e exactly 24 hours to watch it...or bye bye 3.99...whats up with that?

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      • Yeah. No way I'd switch to BBI or even entertain the notion of using them along with my NFLX subscription. I can wait if need be for a movie, it's really not that important to me.

        But that browser issue really surprises me. I'm a developer myself, and always have to support multiple browsers. Limiting users to just Internet Explorer is just dumb.

        I tested Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome, none of which work. BBI just displays the same message every time. At the very least they could have tailored the message to be dependent on my browser. If I use Safari, it shouldn't tell me to install the Firefox plugin for Internet Explorer. In this case I'm not using Firefox.

        I guess BBI is just not interested in all those MAC users out there. I can probably assume very strongly that no MAC user is going to want to install a Microsoft product on their computer. What would be the reason for owning a MAC in that case then?!?

        Dumb, dumb, dumb ... BBI

    • Blockbuster also charges 2.99-3.99 PER movie...

      I usually get about 6 movies from NFLX per out to 1.50 Per....and that just the movies via mail..

      Throw in the 6 movies via internet...I am at .75 per movie...

      I am not afraid of the competition...

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