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  • n2myinnercircle n2myinnercircle Sep 10, 2010 12:55 AM Flag

    Truth be

    A good portion of the good buys lost a very small percentage due to market manipulation and/or weekly options expiration. The true SHORTS are not claiming any victory any more since their electricity has been shut down along with their internet service.
    If you are short this stock, you are going to lose your shirt or blouse. This stock has an identical pattern to BIDU in the days, logic is out of the window. Just a momentum play that will continue till the end of the year unless NFLX gets bought out.
    There are so much more in the works for this baby, watch the news releases every 4 days. Your only hope is if the market pulls back.
    Best plays here is a straddle and hang on for an exiting wild ride, cashing out on both sides at the right time.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank those Shorts that have to cover thus making us a ton of moulah.

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      So what current stock ticker is representative of a sociological cycle bigger than itself? That would be Netflix(NFLX).

      Mobile users crave individually tailored apps in contrast to inefficient Websites in the same way consumers preferred the convenience of fast food as opposed to Mom's home cooked meal.

      Investment capital is flowing into this revolutionary space. Netflix began the year as a $55 stock and has surged to $145 as investors recognize its symbolic stature as the first profitable app play on Wall Street.

      The first day we opened up the iPad we downloaded the Netflix app, paid the $8.99 subscription fee, and were blown away as we watched instant movies on the device.

      Users want to pay for the service no matter if they're using Xbox, PS3, Blu-ray, Wii, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV or whatever other iplatform you like.

      Netflix is just scratching the surface with expanded content deals and international rollouts. This is the first must-have app and it has become a must-own stock as a result

    • I am short at 135 and will cover at 120 and lower right around Q3 earnings!!

      This thing is way bloated. Even 120 is very expensive but I will take my gains around 120.

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