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  • kumarbasavegowda kumarbasavegowda Sep 28, 2010 4:22 PM Flag

    i bought 1K at 140, should i hold or sell?

    i still belive it will go above 200 soon. But i am nervous.

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    • Ride it all the way to $250. That's what I'm going to do with mine. I bought them when they were in the teens. Sold part of it along the way but still have quite a bit.

    • Sell the options! This stock gives killer premiums. If you're nervous sell at strikes well in the money. If it falls you make a wicked premium, if it goes up, well at least you made a little extra on this stock which is a too high flyer for you.

    • You're "nervous...?' You've made twenty/k but you think you can make sixty/k when it goes to two hundred but youse ain't exactly you're Pervous? You don't have 140 dollars in your checking account let alone 140k. This is your one post and attempt for "attention" and then..poof! you go into cyberspace...wait til it gets to 200 hundred.

    • hang yourself

    • Buy a put...

    • Put a stop-loss w/limit order on it at $160 (in case it tanks in after-hours)...then do SOMETHING with some of the 20K profit money and WAIT----WAIT until AFTER OCT 18th...when earnings report comes out. Very likely that it will take a dive in the weeks before or shortly after. No way to know if it will climb quickly again, but, if you believe in the company, likely you can re-enter at a MUCH lower price...then hold...but be advised that it will likely be a long ride back up. If you're seeking growth to hold for 1+ years...consider AKAM long...that happens to be my 'darling'.

    • I understand you being nervous, I bought in the 20s. Where you bought in is not the question. If you had none, would you buy it now or buy something else? The cost to buy and sell is very small today. Personally, I think Netflix is one of my safest choices -- but, what you think is what's important. Today's drop was because some company's got together to forge a deal to stream new movie releases -- this is just not where Netflix lives and is not a real competitive threat. When earnings come out again or the next deal that Netflix makes appears, the stock will continue to rise. This is a high growth stock that has little competition which is moving out to the rest of the world. I love the wall of worry and the shorts all thinking bad things about the stock. As this occurs, this stock keeps climbing the wall of worry, because of the fundamentals, the business model and the management. I would not be surprised to see 300 in 12-18 months. Good luck with whatever your choice.

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      • richeydouglas Sep 29, 2010 8:25 AM Flag

        well hold on forever then if you like or believe what this poster said. I kinda lean on what that other poster said about book value. Yes it has been a good one to own if you had the vision of renting movies by mail was a good concept. I think streaming movies via the internet is going to squash this movie rental by mail business. .

    • Honest opinion... You should sell... If it goes back up, never regret yourself. But still enjoy that you made good 13-14% of profit. It comes down the current value, you know that your decision was good.

      Reason for selling is too high valuation which is for the book value of $3 you are paying $160. It might take years to generate book value of even $20. Not worth it. If Google enters streaming business, it can wipe out Netflix streaming subscribers within couple of quarters. That's all it needs. Because there is not contract, nothing... Subs can simply switchover or cancel. Google is that powerful with almost $30 Bil cash, hardware, etc. Tomorrow Google is releasing Google TV. Also, those Redbox/Blockbuster vending machines are doing really good. You really don't know what it would like a year from now in this streaming market.

      Yes I am short on this one and I know what I am doing is right. There is a genuine reason for shorting this stock.

    • You action of buying at $140 would not have helped my position , so do whatever you feel, hold till 130 to sell

    • set a stop loss

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