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  • luckybeltbuckle luckybeltbuckle Sep 29, 2010 11:02 AM Flag

    Negative Article in WSJ

    huh? Cable companies are not content providers - they are content deliverers. Netflix is a content deliverer. They are direct competitors. Cable has alway been a content bundler - an consumers loathe paying for content they don't want or use - netflix will allow, like Itunes, for users to pay only for the cotnentt hey desire. Cable fades away...

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    • Um, last I checked Comcast is buying Universal, NBC....

    • And they have the relationships and warchest to outbid NFLX for the content people really want to see. NFLX can be on every electronic device known to man, but its product is constrained by content providers who view it as a threat.

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      • >>but its product is constrained by content providers who view it as a threat.

        technology has long been a threat to content, but nflx has shown a brilliance in getting along with content companies. it must be getting to the point that a content company can't afford NOT to be with netflix. as long as netflix doesn't screw it all up by getting too greedy, this is ballgame folks.

        actually, it was ballgame a couple of years ago when netflix started madly building infrastructure and copying movies for streaming. with blockbuster out of the way, they really don't have any competition and there is VERY little incentive for anyone to get into the business.

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