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  • jaaser69 jaaser69 Sep 29, 2010 11:13 AM Flag

    Negative Article in WSJ

    $1B companies get the benefit of the doubt....$8.5B companies do not

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    • But....but..but...
      Cramer said 8.5B is too cheap!

    • >>$1B companies get the benefit of the doubt....$8.5B companies do not

      it doesn't matter. while you sit here philosophizing, netflix is streaming tons of movies to people watching while eating chips. pretty soon, canada, and after that? they have no competition. gonna be interesting.

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      • The competition is about 90 days away, and no one is doubting NFLX. This is not a question about their ability to mail DVDs and stream content - this is a question of valuation and why it is clear to anyone with a calculator that these valuations will come in to more closely match the ACTUAL financial reality of NFLX today (not in some alternate reality where AMZN, GOOG, etc. simply do not exist, nor does exponentially rising content cost). NFLX is a popular stock, period. The fundamentals do not match the stock, and why anyone insists on speculating about a future that is sure to not come true, I have no idea. NFLX will continue to own the space until Q1, at which point new faces will show up, as they do in any free market vaccuum, but with the difference being that NLFX is still tethered to its old model via existing debt (not to mention facing premiums they never had to pay before due to no other bidders). If you are playing NFLX for the current rip, good on you. I hope you get paid. If you think this is the flagship of streaming for the next few years, look elsewhere. NFLX is the past and this extraordinary appreciation in the price is an anomoly. So make your money while you can get it, but don't marry this stock. Insiders have unloaded massive amounts of shares (40% by one estimate), so understand that they are not pricing in too much more upside.

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