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  • slickvguy slickvguy Sep 29, 2010 9:21 PM Flag

    MOvies at $25 per couple

    Only problem is that the selection/offering from netflix streaming is horrible. I had it. I cancelled my subscription. Imagine paying for those OLD movies and shows?

    Either netflix needs to stream all the movies that are available on DVD, or it's just not worth it. I can download every current show and movie for FREE from the internet.

    Also, their user interface is lousy. But that's easily fixed.

    Bottom line: current content - or go home.

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    • Don't forget the cost of a baby sitter. And add the frustration of sitting through an expensive movie just because you have so much sunk cost.

      Contrast that to streaming where if the movie sucks one just stops out of it and moves on to another movie. And what does one do when things start to heat up IYKWIM? Just hit the pause button and finish the movie the next day.

      Oh wait, shorts will never know the importance of needing to stop a movie for some luvin. LOL

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