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  • dinesh_khetarpal dinesh_khetarpal Oct 16, 2010 10:00 AM Flag

    Comcast to start 9.95 three PPV subscription

    Growing popularity of monthly subscription of viewer's selected movie comcast to start
    9.95 three PPV movie a month
    13.95 five PPV movie a month
    15.95 eight PPV movie/event a month...

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    • well this whole post was irresponsible let me just say. I posed as a potentialy Comcast customer and call the sales dept yest asking whether they had plans to have a PPV sub plan and the saleperson did not commit to idea. BUT he did say at exec level it was being discussed with a potential decision in January.

    • I have been reading posts on many sites for years but just in the last week have I started posting myself because I was tired of onesided opinions and B.S. postings intended to sway direction of stocks.Things are very different now than in 1987 and more than ever out of the control of the small players. I injoy finding good people like yourself who bring fresh points of view, even if I don't aree with all of them .

    • Hey (Too) dumb2doit, how ya doin: Thanks for the question:

      First, I think it is cathartic to express your beliefs and put them into words. It also makes (helps) you think and see more clearly that which appears to be right in front of you. And by engaging in additional research you may even help yourself by finding info that will strengthen your resolve or, for that matter, weaken it. Hopefully all this is to one's own advantage.

      Secondly, While, for the most part, I don't believe that any individual can have an effect on others in what they decide to do, but you never know for sure.

      Lots of investors read the these boards, even sometimes those associated with the Company itself. I know because I've asked Corporate contact people in the past.

      If you make a reasoned point with supporting info, I do feel that you could cause a buyer or seller to waver in your direction. Which piece of straw will break the Camel's back???

      Side note---Just one key buyer saved the market on 10/20/87 after the market had crashed 509 points the day before. It was almost 12:00 noon that Tuesday and the market had virtually come to a standstill. This guy was in Chicago, I believe in the option pits, and he just came out of nowhere and placed a big positive trade and he started a virtual tsunami of buying.

      You just never know who or what will turn the tide. Sometimes one person can momentarily be stronger and have more influence than an entire army.

      Thirdly, Posting is enjoyable and sometimes HUGELY entertaining.

      Thanks again for asking

    • It is a good idea. I think many think that.. I have many ways they restructure their price plans to attract 15 million Netflix customers. Just have to creative.. many on this board have the ideas roll it through. I think we should be running the comcast

    • Everyone now wants a piece of the pie {content} and we don't know how many slices it is going to be cut into and who will get biggest slice in the end {probably netflix} but what we do know is the price of pie will be going up which will cut profits in the end.

    • Moose-I like your posts but do you really think what you or me say on this board is going to move a stock of this size?

    • Its clear Hastings is trying to run as fast as he can from mail order to the even more competitive streaming space......

    • It seems the rangers play better on the road, and yes I am afraid of the bullpen holding up if it goes the full distance. But as I said before, if they don't win another game I am proud of them.

    • I made it up.. but comcast is listening.. or may be not?

    • If it goes to 170 is causing you to be nervous.
      Man you need to get out.

      Even if NFLX pulls back to 140. That wont hurt me or make me nervous enough to sell. We play 2 diff games.

      Longs seem to be more relaxed then the shorts. Why is that? Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. You dont know how to play NFLX, its the hardest stock to play, it makes me nervous, after earnings i am out of here, i wish i could figure NFLX out. All sayings made by people shorting NFLX.

      Simple comparisons.........................


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