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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Oct 19, 2010 8:02 PM Flag

    They need to announce a stock split

    Pure and simple it makes the stock more affordable and liquid. Plus NFLX increaes shares in a good way. By rewarding share holders.

    Also longs could liquidate some shares, which would possibly take the SP down briefly. Could be a good short as well after the split.


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    • Thanks for your input.

      GO RANGERS!!!

    • the stock split (not reverse) is usually a very positive event especially when the stock is already in an upward move with increased earnings and increased cash dividend if there is one.

      It can make the shareholder feel richer even though there is no increase in real value. It's a little like confetti in a parade, everybody feels good at the moment as it rains down on you. And that feel good glow will remain for a few days or even weeks.

      I think that if NFLX split its stock tomorrow, it would be positive but no where near as bullish if it were done when the stock was heavily plowing north.

      Initially, it always has positive connotations imo.

      As time passes though it does lose its positive cache and the stock will soon be driven, either up or down, by other factors.

      Moose being honest again. Amazin, 970 straight times without a fib.

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