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  • paldiel paldiel Dec 8, 2010 10:40 AM Flag

    The Charts reveal the Truth about Netflix.

    All News is garbage, stock is LOW FLOAT, it is under complete and total control regardless of anything. Six month chart is all you need to follow, this is the trend and the pattern that the MM's and the Hedge Funds trade by. Buy in a week or two.

    They used the story of the CFO to Tank it and now they Use Disney to Climb back, all this is drawing another perfect leg on the monthly chart. The Chart is so good that instead of following the NEWS and watching the stock respond to the news you can now Follow the CHART and watch the NEWS follow the Chart. If the Chart needs to go up then you can expect some BS news to come out and you get an 8 point climb, If the chart needs to go down then you can read a different BS news story like the CFO leaving. It's all BS people!! The company is adding 3 Million Subscribers every quarter, and nothing is going to bring this down 40-50 points , NOTHING!!!! Except a catastrophic event but who can predict that?

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    • What if someone buy? may be we shoot to 300?

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      • Why not $1,000!
        You need to seriously examine the entire business you are investing in.
        NFLX by far has to be the most overpriced stock in the market.
        They may have made the cable co's etc rethink their strategies but you are dreaming if you think they will compete in the long run.

        They have no technology! Their is no secret ingredient!

        Who in their right mind woke up this morning and thought it would be a decision to buy NFLX at $185 for a long term investment.

        How can anyone who bought this 6 months ago still possibly own it.
        The free money has been made. Get realistic and get the he'll out before this thing tanks.

        There will be no buyout anywhere near where it is trading now.

        Prediction: cut in half over next few months

      • I don't think Netflix wants to be bought, I think Netflix wants to turn into a Giant

    • Pal, assuming you are correct, when do the MMs move on from one of their manipulated "darlings" - ? Sold my puts at 90% gain this am and bought Dec calls when the momo shifted up.

      I do think there are 3 potential issues that border on catastrophic:

      1) Any of GOOG/AAPL/AMZN introduces a movie streaming plan that copmpetes
      2) Negative report from an internal investigation
      3) A decision to charge for broadband usage

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      • Number 2 and 3 are going to be bad for Netflix, especially number 3. I don't think it will happen. I believe Netflix will hover between 180-193 for a week or two then it will break out to 220-230 after confirming 3-4 million additional subscribers, one thing for sure, Netflix is becoming a very strong Home Brand, it's Big and is turning into a Giant.

        How many Puts did you have? Smart move, I told you last night don't wait to long cause this can swing right back up, Netflix hired Mickey Mouse this morning and it's going back.

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