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  • mustrader mustrader Dec 20, 2010 1:05 PM Flag

    Shorts are going to get slaughtered!!

    Ah ah .. Do you really believe that?

    I am sorry that you are losing all profits (most likely losses now) bu do yourself a favor: sell now before it is in the 2 digits ..

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    • You people don't understand the power of a growing trend. Keep dreaming of competition that will never arrive. Nobody wants to take on Netflix, the sooner you realize this the less money you will lose. The only ones who want to take on Netflix is Bankrupt, Now Time Warner and other Cable providers are scared to death as they watch more and more people pull the plug on them. Watch and learn.....200 EASY

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      • It doesn't matter if NFLX has the streaming service all to itself. The fallacy of the long analysis is that NFLX has a fixed raw material cost and can leverage that with more subscribers. Wrong. The more money Netflix makes, the more the content owners will demand with each cycle. Netflix is therefore limited.

        That is the fatal flaw in the NFLX model. The content providers can shut off the lights.

      • sajbpliu Dec 20, 2010 1:35 PM Flag

        Whenever someone posts statement like "watch and learn", that to me is a clue to do just the exact opposite. Yes, Time Warner and Cable companies may be scared, they ought to . But they have ways to turn their fear into positive actions. NFLX has nothing except a CEO who should consult his lawyer before he writes. He even mentions that it is possible to be profitable to be short against his company. His argument are very weak at best.

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