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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Oct 19, 2012 12:46 PM Flag


    2013 this song on YOUTUBE will be reality:Gene Burnett - Jump You F*#kers (A Song For Wall Street)


    The SEC is clueless and was designed to be so. It is blind to financial derivatives and has strict orders to leave the Big Boys alone
    Facebook IPO: CIA and Goldman Sachs Take the Suckers for a Stroll

    Are We Doomed?
    David Stockman on our crooked Wall Street-bankster rulers
    Recently: David Stockman on the Lunatics at the Fed
    How Crony Capitalism Corrupts the Free Market | David Stockman

    A Lonely Redemption
    He is no less suspicious of Goldman Sachs, which has alumni sprinkled across the upper reaches of government. In a tough spot, Goldman obtained extraordinary permission to make an overnight metamorphosis from investment bank to traditional bank holding company.

    “Can I prove this was a wired deal? Absolutely not,” Mr. Lewis said. “Am I certain of it? Only 100 percent.”

    As for the whirling, three-million-shares-per-second casino of Wall Street? He sees it as rigged. “I would not risk stocks under any circumstances,” he said, “because we don’t know when this thing is going to blow.”

    Nothing about Mr. Lewis is easy. He delights in sending scabrous, insulting, free-associative mass e-mails to journalists, financiers and members of Congress. Show annoyance, and he doubles down. “You know what I do with tension?” he said. “I ratchet it up!”

    PROVEN CRIMINALS REED HASTINGS/BARRY McCARTHY/TECHNOLOGY CROSS VENTURES ARE OPERATING AN ORGANZIED LOOT PONZI SCAM VIA NETFLIX(NFLX) ON WALL STREET Organized crime groups are often involved in crimes that are considered white collar offenses. A number of crimes committed by organized groups are done so for the purposes of financial gain. This is called racketeering, which is a felony crime. Characteristics of Organized Crime Groups Organized crime offenses vary greatly, but, there are some generalizations that apply to the groups as a whole. They are all developed based on a hierarchy of power and importance associated with the individuals in the group. They are stable organizations that usually exist over very long periods of time. They may use violence to defend the interests of the group. They usually have political or social protection that keeps them safe from retaliation from the surrounding community, including law enforcement. Their purpose is to accumulate capital which is then reinvested into the operations and businesses run by the group. The majority of organized crime groups operate behind the mask of legitimate businesses. In some cases, their racketeering practices involve the bribery and manipulation of legitimate business owners or public officials. This prevents their racketeering practices from being detected. WHERE IS FBI? DOJ? White-collar crimes cost the United States more than $300 billion annually according to the FBI.
    And providing all weapons to keep the fraud bubble loot going

    open challenge in USA to debate insolvent netflix insider scam with fraud street crime partners
    Ouch! The Netflix Price-Change Hangover [View article]
    Reed Hasting's is a carnival barker, a mountebank, a flim-flam man, a charlatan and a confidence man. The CFO left the company in January, because he was aware of the fake accounting at NFLX, the lies and the false hype. The Head of investor relations left 3 months ago, because she could no longer lie, about the companies activities and accounting. Both left before any investigation into accounting, or investigation into the manipulation of the stock by hedge funds begins. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley. JP Morgan, Piper Jaffray and many other financial institutions have been colluding to manipulate this stock thru proprietary trading in their hedge funds. Goldman Sachs picked NFLX as their latest Ponzi Scheme, because Reed Hastings is just the perfect Machiavellian con-man. Lloyd Blankfein And Reed Hastings are as thick as thieves. It was Goldman Sachs that forced Facebook executives to add Reed Hasting to their Board of directors, to manipulate the stock price. Reed Hasting is a false Messiah, in league with Goldman Sachs, deceiving Americans, and The indolent regulators who have been paid off by Goldman Sachs. The SEC directors are bribed by Goldman not to do their job, with promises of $4 million a year jobs after they leave the SEC, at banks, the very banks they are supposed to regulate. The SEC is corrupted and compromised by Goldman Sachs, "the Great Deceiver"

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • MOODY' put criminal Thug Reed Hastings scam $ss poop wipe debt on watch?lol

      What does this mean?

      No more fraud funds from crime partners and getting funds will be very expensive too......

      Say Hello to ENRON/WORDCOM scam play books

      Pink sheets in next 9 months


      Amid Mixed Signals, What's a Netflix Shareholder To Do?

      Investors looking for some definitive direction on Netflix (NFLX) may be scratching their heads amid all the hoopla surrounding the stock in recent weeks.
      Ready for some mixed signals?
      Citigroup (C) last week issued a “screaming buy” on the stock and Morgan Stanley (MS) upgraded the Los Gatos, Calif.-based company to “overweight” from “equal-weight,” helping Netflix’s shares to surge more than 25% in a week.
      The bears were quick to hush the optimism this week, though, with Moody’s saying it has put Netflix on review for a downgrade and Bank of America (BAC) slapping the company with an “underperform” rating from a “buy.”
      The latter cited the recent run-up of Netflix’s stock on little to no news and claimed the “risks outweigh the reward.” The negative notes caused shares of Netflix to tumble more than 10%.
      Not surprisingly, the mixed reviews have been causing a bit of confusion, once again throwing Netflix’s shareholders off balance after what has been a roller coaster year since the movie streamer said it would raise prices last summer.
      So, what’s a shareholder to do?
      dump you poop sucker bag holders or Get slaughtered by Criminal thug Reed Hastings scam Gang next again

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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