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  • I just initiated my first position on NFLX. I bought the Feb 210 puts. I do think the valuation is stretched, and I believe their product is a commodity, they will see price competition and supplier price increases. I also think the market is stretched. Hope to see a sell off after short squeeze and options expiration jmho

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    • A- HOw is their product a commidity? Om order for you to rent DVDS, you need to have signed a deal with the Studios- Can you get into MGM tomarrow for an meeting with their head, and sstrike a deal?

      Price Competition- Give me a list of names who is competing with Netflix on price..start with cheapest, and work your way down..

      I read the same esact posts 8 years ago when i bought Netflix..then the competion everyone talked about was Blockbuster...

      Netflix will be $250 bu July...

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      • Any co. with large financial resources can do exactly what netflix does. It could be possible that they have built enough of a brand, and that they have clients that are "sticky" enough that they will continue to grow (and diverisfy the brand). I was a huge supporter of the co. in the past, just dont know that they can continue growth, nor that they can do it cost effectively(profitably). I did not make a big bet, and I am just screwing around with a trade. I will tell you I have been dead wrong about the stock for the past several months.

      • I love it when shorts get burned like this, I hope the SEC is watching the trading real close in case the shorts try an illegal bear raid to get their money back. They did it to DNDN a couple years ago and got away with it.

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