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  • tjpsimone2003 tjpsimone2003 Jan 28, 2011 12:27 AM Flag


    "Any co. with large financial resources can do exactly what netflix does"

    I have read this for 8 years now..

    Simple Question- if it is so easily to duplicate the Netflix model WHY HASNT ANYONE BEEN AS SUCCESSFUL?

    All i hear is...low barriers to entry, anyone can do it...blah blah blah..blah blah blah..

    Apple couldnt even beat Netflix..they joined them!

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    • 8 years? NFLX by its own admission has recognized DVD as an outdated/failing business and just recently shifted to streaming -- they can not predict the future, there apprears selective disclosure on new sub numbers (free vs paid vs expired (yet counted still as "temporarily suspended" (or something to that effect - but still counted). This is uncharted territory outside the traditional model they followed and there are others that can and will do it better and one thing we know is that todays popular on the WWW is the next months old news and the cool in place to be will most liekly NOT be NFLX. -- Its just basic reality -- the only thing is NFLX has tight shareholders that will hold on until the writing is on the wall -- even if commons sence says one thing the proof needed to sell has not yet been cast. The proof to buy is no longer there, unfortuantely the high short interest and noob new shorts combined with strong hands drive this. The higher it goes, the harder it will fall, the problem is how high is high.

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