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  • millionairesl millionairesl Mar 9, 2011 4:08 PM Flag

    ONLY girls, teenagers and immature/friendless adults use Facebook!

    That's a fact. You gotta be really pathetic to want to have your life on Facebook so you can pretend to be popular. That's teenage stuff. Every time I get asked if I have a facebook is usually 90% females. I always have to tell them that I don't because I'm a private person and that I dont' care to share who my friends are and all that. Grow up Facebook users, especially if you're not a girl and over 30!

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    • And NFLX is used by 65+ women w/some college from home. At least according to the most recent audit of clicks.

      I'd rather invest with the kids.

    • is a great small business is free and offers much exposure and reference to potential customers....a "web page" is already obsolete in many facets of is simply not just about chatting with a seem to miss the obvious...

    • If netflix stock price relies on people not being pathetic and immature, it is the short of the century.

      Pathetic people watch movies instead of read books. Look at borders, so maybe there is hope for netflux

    • "You gotta be really pathetic to want to have your life on Facebook so you can pretend to be popular"

      Really? You think this is why 500 million people love Facebook? That's pretty shallow thinking and your post is just sophomoric whining and cluelessness. I too was a skeptic for a long time, but at 46, I started using FB and have gotten in touch with at least 50 people from high school, college, etc. It's been great fun. I don't want to "have my life on Facebook" and by no means am I trying to look popular. You have serious misconceptions regarding the intentions of 500 million people. Do some homework and, gulp, maybe even check it out before you go stereotyping all FB users and post drivel like this.

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      • FaceBook will be a thing of the past before NFLX - most FB users are about as smart as a box of rocks...........Has your NFLX account been hacked lately?? Has your personal and private info been hacked and distributed thru NFLX - NOPE......keep using the waste of time FB so all those freaks out there in the owrd can find you and do you harm........get a life.

      • 500 million people probably shop at walmart everyday too. Doesn't impress me. Herd mentality is to be avoided if you want a meaningful life. If you need to feel acceptance in order to battle your insecurities, then there's facebook.

      • LOL! All you stupid 500 million people are brain-washed! Just because you have 500 million using FB doesn't mean that it's a good thing. In case you don't know know, in life there are more stupid low life people than people who are intelligent. Just like a chess board you have more pawns for a reason, it's life! Recently I read about which high profile people use FB or not, and for example, Steve Jobs and other CEO's don't use FB for good reasons. Have you heard about one teacher who got fired for writing her feelings about her on the FB not knowing that it was being shared all over the internet? Also, wasn't there a teenage girl who killed herself because some of her mean classmates wrote fictitious things about her? FB is childish and I agree with the original post that it's for immature and insecure people!


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