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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 22, 2011 3:29 PM Flag


    Bashers can bash on= lion broadcasting stripped naked
    criminal thug reed hastings and gang entire scam play book

    crammer crook: this time will be nailed for prosecution

    recorded the clip=crammer crook need to be hanged live on cnbc
    recorded the clip=crammer crook need to be hanged live on cnbc

    this criminal

    lol........dare challenge lion broadcasting

    criminal thug hastings scam $ss will be displayed on tv

    credit suisse fart pump mis fires=paid scam pump
    these criminals told clients avoid at $180?lol

    now why $280? Bribe paid pump

    poop suckers direly in need

    entire hollywood now knows: reed hastings biggest con criminal thug

    no new suckers available for trap

    all bashers here will be silenced like sheep next

    fraud street terrorist have no mercy for any retail long or short

    now it is poop sucker bag holders slaughter planned by criminal thug reed hastings crime partners

    criminal thug hastings gang have to be nailed

    war is on

    get ready for slaughter poop suckers.........fraud street terrorists slaughtered shorts and now poop suckers turn next

    escape poop suckers............these criminals positioned to play reverse scam play book

    these criminals scam pump volume this am =now scam dry pit
    biggest crime scene

    pump/dump scam


    price/volume manipulation
    goldman sachs terrorists dumped all and now play scam with weekly derivatives
    fidelity short squeezing as they remain large short lender

    sirens are roaring for poop suckers......last day to escape

    if they can

    red alert in usa= criminal thug reed hastings
    crime partners cashed billions in loot,check the filings

    technology cross ventures
    goldman sachs
    morgan stanley
    fidelity(fmr corp)

    goldman sachs and fidelity playing active scam via price/volume manipulation with weekly derivative new scam weapon handed by criminal thug reed hastings

    crystal clear crime in trading pit=price/volume manipulation crime
    pump/dump misleading scam news from criminal thug hastings and fraud pump/dump upgrades by criminal analysts

    rock solid proofs= where sec/finra criminal mf watch dogs in usa?

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