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  • elmojitogatico elmojitogatico Apr 25, 2011 11:06 AM Flag

    Went long 10,000 shares at 251.00!

    Sybil Isabel Dorsett you have multiple guts ! Wow , I'd like to meet you one day and shake all your hands ! Here's part of a brief I used for my PHD in the theory of multiple personality disorder (s) , unraveled . By AK in four thousand charters or less ( a little pun hone ;)

    ... to suggest the appearance of mutule personage having different temperaments and that those , multiple personage , talk intelligently causes one to be on guard . In this matter a confounding naturally accruing but temporary , double personality , is personify by chemical imbalances . This is simply temporary and is endowed with a belief that doublet's are usually artist or teachers . As these two use this medium to let imagination grow . Criminals that have tried to use the insanity plead using Sybil 's defense just take the book or the movies literally . In the saint, the devil and the woman , rare cases are found but usually fall into the religious category . Take for example the case of Jesus who was said to be curing every sort of sort of infirmity (s) . A man was faring badly, distressed with what psychiatrist today would call multiple personality disorder which usually turns out to be a case of demon-possession , ( demons are fallen angles and presumed , evil ) . Consequently as the story goes , this man sought Jesus who expelled from that man's mind a legion of demons who took turns tormenting this man . When expelled from the man's mind they went into a herd of swine . So Sybil if your 10,000 shares of NFLX does not go the way you want and you have a urge to go into a herd of swine , watch out !

    A friend of Jesus :)

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