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  • tomzxl tomzxl Apr 26, 2011 10:21 PM Flag

    Cramer: NFLX could increase by 50%

    Cramer said Netflix is loved by its subscribers and is taking the world by storm. He said the company is light years ahead of the competition and has a great track record of under promising and over delivering. Was the quarter perfect? No. But Cramer said he wished a tenth of the companies he follows had Netflix' earnings and vision.

    More NFLX analyst commentary here:

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    • Cramer is just a joker.

    • GS may need anonther bailout soon!

    • When GS need a new bailout?

    • I used to be a customer and have no position in the stock (nor any intention of having one be it short or long). Since you folks sound like shareholders that might actually care about the company, I'll voice my grievances to you and maybe you will take up the cause and get the company to rectify the situation. I already tried with customer service and since they couldn't resolve anything, I cancelled my service the day they raised rates.

      Weeks before they raised the rates, I called up and asked customer support to delete my streaming history because my wife and I had watched a number of things we didn't want the kids to watch. As it turns out, the menu that appears on our TV set when we watch through our Wii shows all the previously viewed titles. I don't have the ability to delete that category from the menu and I don't have the ability to delete history so there is nothing I can do other than cancel service and restart under a different name. After they raised rates, I decided that enough was enough. It's too bad too because I was looking forward to talking my family into dropping DirectTV and going with over the air antenna plus netflix!

      Since customer service wasn't able to do anything, maybe if enough of you complain perhaps something could get done. It would take very little effort on their part to provide the functionality I am requesting, so if they aren't willing to do it, I am certain that a competitor will rise up and offer the features that we subscribers require.

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      • >>It would take very little effort on their part to provide the functionality I am requesting...<<

        It would seem to be easy enough. However, I noticed that over the course of a year, NFLX was frequently "down," leading me to believe that NFLX has a tremendous amount of technical problems. The trend is that they troubles will increase.

        Some things I've encountered:
        1. Prior watched menu can't be deleted.
        2. Can't add a picture or change screen avatar. Apparently at one time people could add their own picture and change their avatar. Heehee, I tried to do it myself, and ended up calling Customer Service at least twice about it. I was basically told that they know about the problem and were working on it...a year ago. Now all avatars are gone. This one is bittersweet because some reviewers (the guy behind the tree for instance) were obnoxious and I'm glad they lost this.
        3. Movies are unavailable. More than once I tried to view a streaming movie that NFLX was not able to show. No reason given for why it would not load. Lots of tech issues.
        4. Friends Feature gone: This was apparently before my time. In the day, NFLX was more of a community. The users had friends lists, and "Best Of Lists." No more. In fact if you read some of the reviews every now and then you'll see posts from someone who is protesting that demise of the "Friends feature." Perhaps that feature was technically challenging, after all it harmed no one.
        5. Can't see reviews: When I first came to Netflix and for quite some time after I would read other members reviews. What was nice was being able to look at all the movies reviewed by the same member in the hope that someone with similar tastes might lead me to a watchable movie. I found some good movies from other member reviews. Feature gone. You can see one review from a given viewer at a time now.
        6. I've had streaming movies freeze. I don't watch many streaming, so others will definitely vouch for this.

        So what I get from this is that NFLX is reducing features and not making screens customizable because they want to decrease the need for tech support. So while it most likely is pretty easy to make the streaming history deletable, they aren't spending any money to enhance the viewer experience. It is becoming as cold and sterile as a hospital ward. Therefore I doubt your request was even considered. From my experience, the Customer Service people are trained to say that they are working on it, and to get us off the phone.

        Despite all this negativity I might have hung in their for the winter had they not increased my plan's cost. I suspect I'd have stayed out of habit or complacency. This is why I'm glad that they hiked rates because it made me realize that I don't enjoy the site anymore. I can go anywhere for the same service while regaining a little bit of control in my life.

    • does Jimmy realize that it's down 30% now. Market is only down 10% from the highs.

    • Cramer? Are you SH TT ING me? You'd make more money if you had a dollar for every time Cramer was DEAD WRONG in his blathering so called "predictions". He's a big mouthed sh t talking COKE head that puts on a circus stunt side show for low brow knuckle draggers.

    • coolrobb Aug 28, 2011 8:03 PM Flag

      Like you have more than 10 bucks bimbo

    • Porn sites have streaming video's well before NFLX. When NFLX DVD mailing business was on decline, Reeds turned to imitate the porn sites to start streaming trying to save his skin, and luck was on his side. It's like saying Al Gore invents the internet.

    • When the Nflx goes to 245 this week most shorts will cover. It's inevitable.

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      • Shorts are going to get crushed on this one.

      • The shorts covering is the reason the stock will go to $245.

        It really does seem rediculous to me that you basically know that the easy money to be made with NFLX is the short sqeeze that the big money has been repeating time and time again for the past year yet there continues to be retail investors betting it won't happen again.

        I don't know if NFLX is overvalued and don't necessarily care. All I know is the market is manipulated and without moral. The MM keep sucking the get rich quick retail traders into shorting and then squeezing them.

        Once the shorts get a strong footing one of big boys increases their target price or upgrades the stock all together. It has happened several times and to even think it's not going to continue happening is naive and foolish.

        The street wants NFLX above $300 and the market will get what they want.

    • Funny :)

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