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  • sybil1914 sybil1914 May 19, 2011 11:46 PM Flag

    How come nobody is paying attention to the weekly options scams


    Where is finra on that... The institutions are scamming using cheap money to hold up low floaters as they sell overpriced puts and calls on wild swings during the week only to bring down volitility at the end of the week to systemically kill baggie option holders to the tune of 12000-15000 contracts/ week and lock in a price every friday.... Out of the money option holders lose their entire premeium, itm holders lose their time component portion of the premium - but get to keep their intrinsic value which is gauranteed less then what they payed, and at the money buyers lose it all too...

    These boogers like fmr llc that have been manipulating make 30-50k a week just killing options ... So lets calculate how much fmr llc made before exiting the stock at an average of 220.00 :

    options - 50,000/ week x 100weeks = 5,000,000

    5,000,000 shares bought at an average of 30.00 buying from 2003-2008 and selling at 220 = 950,000,000....

    So these arsholes tranfered 1billion dollars from
    baggie accounts and mutual funds that have bought their 220.00 shares to their highnet worth accounts by laying out $150,000,000 of other peoples money (their high net worth clients coin) and holding it tight as they kill options along the way... Now you figure that they scrape 20% fees from their hedgie clients so that puts 200,000,000... Bots, buildings and grunts cost coin so they gotta be coughing up 20,000,000 allocated for this one stock... That means a dozen bozos with 180,000,000 / lowfloat stock.... Multiply this by 50 similar scam plays and you got nine billion bernanke bucks getting split 12 ways for 2 years of work and a plethora of bernanke bucks thrown at a low float scam.....

    And what has been added to the economy for that wealth transfer? Zippo... Nflx adds no value, and creates no sustainable employement like lets say...... A steel mill. Or a hardware store that sells sheit made in the USA....

    That away to change it up barak. Keep up the good work.... we are right on track for another crash.

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