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  • papermoney_de papermoney_de Jun 28, 2011 3:27 AM Flag

    Longs: Please give fundamental reason why NFLX should be at 300?

    Because , despite the prognosis for upcoming, increased content costs ,1. The rate of subs growth will probably compensate 2.Highly likely there will be a deal suiting both , Facebook and NFLX, and 3. The international expansion can not be assessed just yet , although its on the cards.4. The competitors are, one by one, not regarded as competitors any more, and finally 5.Reed Hastings is a brilliant CEO , and is always good for a surprise. I hope you find these good enough reasons mutualfund.

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    • "5.Reed Hastings is a brilliant CEO , and is always good for a surprise. "

      Looking back how many things Netflix did people were able to predict before they happen? DVD by mail, streaming, integration with game console and TV, remote Netflix button, Facebook integration.... Let's face it RH and many people he hired are much smarter than you and I. Let's not to second guess what they will or will not do, otherwise it will be you and not them to run this brilliant operation.

    • You're wrong on almost every single factor.

      1) You can't pull in those subscribers to offset that cost.
      2) Wrong. Hastings on the board of facebook does not mean a deal is imminent. Under that logic, why hasn't MSFT done a deal with NFLX?
      3) International expanasion has been assessed. Its not near as profitable as U.S.
      4) No competitors? Idiotic comment. Apple could jump into the fray at the drop of a hat and destroy Netflix.
      5) Yes, at selling shares at the top of the market.

    • This is the most reasonable post by a long. I do not share his views (except the part about Hastings being brilliant) but he is reasonable.

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